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New Website? Questions to Answer Before You Start

Important information about what to consider before designing a new website for your business.

November 2nd, 2011.

Smart Phone Apps for Designers and Developers

Some great iPhone and Android apps for web designers and developers

November 29th, 2011.

Where to Begin Learning Web Design: A 5-Step Roadmap

While there are a wide variety of areas to specialize in, being well-rounded in the basics is key to edging out the heavy competition. The following web design career roadmap will guide you through 5 important steps to becoming a proficient web designer.

December 14th, 2011.

Skeuomorphs and Web Design

What are good Skeuomorphs? What are bad Skeuomorphs? and how do they relate with web design?

April 5th, 2012.

The Anatomy of a Horrible Web Design Client

There’s only one good thing about a horrible web design client: receiving payment.

April 23rd, 2012.

10 Mistakes To Avoid In E-Commerce Design

Ten most common mistakes found on the e-commerce websites, and how to fix them.

June 18th, 2012.

Eight Web Design Tips For Better Site Navigation

Facing problem with poor navigation system for your website? Here are 8 interesting tips for keeping your websites navigation system both simple and efficient to use.

September 3rd, 2012.

Considerations When Launching a Website

A brief summary of issues to consider when building a new website.

September 21st, 2012.

Blog Design – Tips for Organizing Categories

Guidelines for efficient organization of categories in blogs.

September 25th, 2012.

Web design: design for touchscreen or for mouse and keyboard?

Windows 8 is here! Designed with touch-screen capabilities. Now, the question is whether we should design websites to work with touch-screens.

October 29th, 2012.