Smart Phone Apps for Designers and Developers

Some great iPhone and Android apps for web designers and developers

Smart phone devices are an essential tool for web designers and developers, mainly because mobile broadband provides convenient access to the internet from nearly any location, and also because there is a wide array of smart phone applications available to help make their jobs easier.

7 Best Android Apps for Web Designers and Developers:

  1. Time Recording Pro

    This app is useful for tracking progress and preparing invoices when working on multiple projects. App allows for printing time sheets directly from the export data page. $2.95

  2. Web Master’s HTML Editor

    This app allows for the editing and creation of HTML source code from any location. App provides a preview mode and redo/undo features. $4.99

  3. HTML Source Viewer Pro

    This app is great for novices. It reveals the HTML source code for any website. App allows for copying and pasting. $1.99

  4. Thinking Space

    This app is useful for creating visual representations of brain storming sessions, or mind maps, which can easily be shared with other team members. Organize files into folders and link PDF and audio files from an Android device. $4.88

  5. Adobe PhotoShop Express

    This is a free app allowing users to edit pictures using Photoshop technology and access them anytime using a free account at Android tablet users can upgrade to Adobe PhotoShop Touch for just $9.99.

  6. DropBox

    This free app provides easy access to all the files stored on the user’s computer from any location. Any file saved to DropBox will automatically sync to all the user’s computers and Android devices, as well as the DropBox website, so app users will never lose a file again.

  7. Silver Edit

    This app lets the user design and preview new web pages and edit existing pages from their Android device. Includes built in FTP. $3.49

7 Best iPhone Apps for Web Designers and Developers:

  1. The Typography Manual

    This app includes a visual font glossary, a font ruler, a standard ruler, a style guide and an HTML code index for characters, among other features. $3.99

  2. Sketches

    This app allows the user to quickly create and save detailed sketches of a web site that can be shared with others at a later date. The app contains clip art, brushes and shapes to make sketching even easier. $4.99

  3. HEX RGB Colors Guide

    This app provides the user with a HEX and RGB colours reference guide that can be taken anywhere and used anytime. $3.99

  4. What The Font

    This free app identifies unknown fonts from a picture or iPhone screen shot and provides the user with all the font details.

  5. Analytics App

    This app links the user’s Google Analytics account to their iPhone, allowing the user to check their web site statistics easily and conveniently. $5.99

  6. Nomina

    This app lets users search for domain name availability, check trademark status and common law usage. It’s useful for branding design and creating an online presence. $14.99

  7. Are My Sites Up

    This free app allows the user to monitor several web sites at once, including email communications and alerts. There is also a lite version available with fewer features.

Android and iPhone users can obtain these useful professional grade applications from the Android Market and the iTunes Store from their home computers or via mobile broadband on their smart phone devices.

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Author: Spencer Hogg

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