Top 5 reasons Batman should be reading

Here are five reasons Batman needs to make WebMaster View a regular stop while surfing the web.

Although he’s arguably the most tech-savvy superhero out there, Batman could still use a little help using the web to fight crime. On he’ll find a ton of tips on how he can build his online presence to let the bad guys know he’s always watching. Here are five reasons Batman needs to make this a regular stop while surfing the web.

  1. It’s perfect for DIYers.

    Even though Bruce Wayne is worth, like, a gazillion dollars, he doesn’t delegate his Batman duties to other people very often. It’s pretty much just Alfred and him running the Batcave, so when things go awry on, there’s no tech support. Reading regularly will keep both informed about innovations in website design and development. They’ll learn about topics ranging from search engine optimization (so when folks search “bat” the Caped Crusader will show up before Louisville Sluggers or the flying rodent varieties) to free online tools. With there’s no need for Batman to employ a gaggle of socially awkward web developers who would probably end up blabbing their boss’s secret identity in order to pick up ladies.

  2. Learn about better marketing tools.

    If there’s anybody who needs better marketing, it’s Batman. I mean for crying out loud, the guy relies on a bat spotlight and bat-shaped ninja stars to let people know he’s around. That might do the job in the Gotham metropolitan area, but certainly there’s a need for a good crime-fighting superhero outside of Gotham (we’re talking to you Detroit). Once he gets things cleaned up in his fair city, he might want to open a new branch or two of the Batcave elsewhere, which means he needs to start marketing himself online a little better. offers a variety of articles with online marketing tips. He’d learn about how to use everything from SEO to social media to live video streaming to get his message out effectively.

  3. Learn about using social media.

    Let’s be honest, out of all the superheroes out there, Batman has the reputation for being a bit of a downer. He wears all black, growls a lot and hangs out in a cave. He’s much less approachable than Superman or Spider-Man, who don bright colors and whose nerdy alter egos make them seem a little friendlier and easy to talk to. And now that he’s taken the rap for killing five people for Harvey Dent/Two Face in “The Dark Knight” he’s in serious need of a little positive promotion. Which is where social media comes in. Via Facebook and Twitter, Batman can show his softer side. He could tweet about how excited he is about the development of his latest Batmobile (now with Bluetooth and Sync technology!) or share success stories about all the people he’s saved from peril on Facebook. For tips on how best to promote himself and, he should bookmark, where he can read articles like “LinkedIn Marketing Debate” and “How to Use Social Media for Effective Marketing”.

  4. Stay on top of viruses.

    The world wide web (does anybody even call it that anymore?) can be a nasty place, especially for someone who fights crime. Batman has made more than a few enemies in his days of kicking bad guy booty, which means he needs all the protection he can get. On, he’ll find helpful articles like “Worst Viruses Web Developers Have Ever Seen, 2011”, which will keep him up to date on all the ways folks like Mr. Freeze, The Riddler or Poison Ivy might try to attack him online so that he can defend himself properly (and make sure to update his antivirus software).

  5. Boost his Google ranking.

    We’re pretty sure Google is posed to take over the world, so it’d be a good idea of Batman knew more about it and how to use it. offers plenty of tips on ways he can show up first in search, which means more people will know about his services.

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