The Effects of Your Law Firm’s Website Design to Its Conversion Rate

Good firms with sharp designs can expect higher conversion rates.

Law firms spend tremendous amounts of money trying to attract new visitors to their websites. They know that new visitors equal new leads. New leads equal new clients. As firms spend more and more money with fewer results, they can sometimes feel like the process is a little random. Why are people coming to their sites and not turning into clients? The answer lies in the relationship between a law firm’s website and its conversion rate. As it turns out, conversion rate isn’t random at all. Good firms with sharp designs can expect higher conversion rates. Here’s how that plays out.

A live chat can make a difference

2019 is a time when people expect exceptional service right now. They don’t expect to wait around to get an answer to a question. With this in mind, some of the best law firm website designs include chat functionality. This is important because it can answer a client’s question before they click away from the site. On top of that, it signals to them that you as a lawyer are always available. Many clients worry about how much attention their lawyers will give them. A website with full chat functionality speaks well of your attentiveness.

Headlines and the effect of user experience

Most people are not going to take the time to read every bit of the text on your site. They will scan it for useful information and to see whether you can solve their problem. With this in mind, the best sites will use headlines to ensure an easier customer experience. They’ll bold the most important things so would-be clients can scan for their own problems. If you’re a criminal lawyer that does trials and appeals, a person looking for appellate help might scan to make sure you do that. Headlines can aid in their experience.

Length and calls to action

Most people on the Internet have a short attention span. They won’t be reading all the way to the bottom of your website. This means that you need to focus on keeping things short and concise. Perhaps more important, though, is the placement of your call to action button. If your goal is to get people to schedule an appointment, then having that button front and center is critical. The best sites will feature these calls to action buttons in multiple places. After you convince that client with compelling content, you need to have the call to action right there. Anything that makes it easier for them to do the things you want them to do will help increase conversion rates.

If you’re spending money on your law firm site but not getting good results, the tendency is to blame the system and keep doing what you’re doing. This is a good way to keep getting bad results. Instead, you should consider whether your law firm website design is optimized for success. These tips can help you turn those website visits into clicks. You can then sell them on all the good things you have to offer, turning them into paying clients. A good web design can unleash your experience and expertise, allowing clients to get to know you and your firm.

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