5 Ways To Get Creative with SEO

You need to get creative with SEO and realize that there are several different things you can do.

The following guest column is by Eric Siu, a specialist at Wpromote, ppc management and search engine optimization company.

Creating excellent SEO content is vital in allowing yourself and/or your company to have a good online presence. Linking into other sites and having them link into you is a great way to do this. You can also have SEO content written for your site, and then submit those articles to different article directories. These are very useful and very common ways to build an online presence. What are some more creative ways to build an online presence? You need to get creative with SEO and realize that there are several different things you can do.

Guest Blogging/Guest Posting

Blogging is all the rage right now. It seems that anyone and everyone has a blog about something or another. If you want to maximize your SEO potential, then a great way to do this is to get out and do some guest blogging or guest posting for other sites. Instead of payment, you can ask that they either allow you to post links within you writing, or that they post links to your products on their website.

More than likely you will need to find blogs that are relevant, but sometimes you can get lucky and guest blog or guest post on any type of site. This is a great way to build traffic, and is one of the more popular link building techniques.


A great way to build links and get creative with SEO is to donate to causes and events around the world. When you donate you are almost always able to link back to your website or products. Therefore, you can get your name and your products out to possible customers around the world, while at the same time donating to a good cause.

Mailing Lists and Surveys

Want to really optimize your SEO content? Join random mailing lists. Some are free and some are paid, but all of them can get your links, products and name out to the public in a minimal amount of time. Another great thing about mailing lists is that sometimes they link you in with other popular publications. This is another outlet that allows you to post links and build SEO content.

Social Networking Sites

Social Networking is arguably the most popular trend on the planet right now. There are numerous Social Networking sites that allow you to market, build and display links and content. This is hands down a great way to build relevant and marketable SEO content. Not only do these sites encourage SEO related content, but they are also a direct link to your products and merchandise. You can reach millions and millions of people if you handle Social Networking sites correctly.

Link Bait

Many people don’t employ this technique because they think it is wrong, or because they don’t want to be associated with a story. However, creating link bait is a fantastic way to not only get readers to recognize your products, but to also make people remember who you are.

You can create link bait by posting a story that is either controversial or interesting. Something that will grab reader’s attention. This leads to huge numbers for a website. Remember, any exposure is great exposure!

Getting creative with SEO is not hard, it just takes some creative thinking and creative networking techniques. There are other ways to get creative with your SEO content, you just have to do some brainstorming. Remember, staying relevant online is important, especially if you have an online business.

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Author: Eric Siu

Eric Siu is a specialist at Wpromote, ppc management and search engine optimization company.

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  1. It’s also important to remember that link bait doesn’t have to be a story; it can be a tutorial, an info-graphic or even just useful imformation :)


  2. The donating idea is TRUELY innovative that is certainly a good reason to donate!

    Will bookmark your tips!

    Charlotte SEO company

    1. These tips are really helping. Specially “donation”, it is an innovative idea for link building.I have never thought of it.

      Software Developers India

  3. these are incredible 5 ways very useful and helpful indeed

    seo tutorials

  4. Thank you for the great Seo tips i have never thought of donations for link building


    1. Awesome tips but also it would work with blog commenting besides guest blogging, in my opinion.


  5. Nice post! Quality content is very important in SEO!

    Ahmad Rahim

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