3 Essential Tools to Have a Successful Website

3 must-use tools that will help get your site ranked high on search engines.

It’s not enough to have a running website to have it considered as a successful one. Your website also needs to be optimized, which is one of the most difficult things to do. Search engines change, and you need to keep up with the changes by using the most beneficial tools for you.

The ultimate goal of a website is to get ranked high on the first page of a search engine in order to sell a product or service, or get more people to your blog, give more exposure to your website and convert visitors and traffic into sales. When you’re ranked high, then you’re showing up in searches and your business sales will improve.

In a way there are too many tools. Some of them will be useful, and some you might find to be totally useless. So you have to narrow down your choices to make sure to use the tools that you will benefit from. We’ll tell you about 3 must-use tools that will help get your site ranked high on search engines.

  1. Analytical tools: Analytical tools allow you to analyze site traffic. Demographic information, such as age and gender will be given to you and you can tell who’s visiting your site, be they new or returning visitors. You can find free analytical tools to collect all the data you need and use it to improve your website. Having more information means making better and smarter decisions.
  2. Link-building tools: These tools provide options to analyze a link mentioned and let you know about the current link status of a website and aid you to understand your content as well as your competitors. Unlinked brand mentions tools scrape from the top 100 results of Google for the query: “brand” -site:domain.com. Every result is then scraped to see if it contains a link to your site. The tools also retrieve available contact information so you can contact the site and ask to add a link. Link-building is always a time-consuming job because you’re checking for all the mentions to know if they’re linked to your website or not. A link-building tool cuts the time put in this effort quickly and efficiently.
  3. Survey tools: Your customers will always be the right people to ask about your site and product and its potential problems. Using a survey tool in your website is a very effective way to be made aware of issues you might be oblivious to. You can ask your customers what they like most or least about your site, what sorts of things you can modify or enhance, etc. This takes the assumptions and guesswork out, replaced with real information about your customers and their opinions.

There are millions of web pages, so it’s no easy feat to get your site noticed. There’s no way to do so without the use of certain essential tools that you can learn to master. When you do that, your site will be visible and easy to reach with the first search for people looking for a product or service like yours.

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