Gaining Advantage in the Digital World by Using SEO

Use these SEO best practices online and you'll see results in your business.

The business world is already competitive. When we move to online business, it’s tough to get the edge that we’re looking. We’ve all read the studies that show how crucially important it is that your website is built for Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, success. How, then, do we make sure that your business is functioning online as well as it should?

Use these SEO best practices online and you’ll see results in your business

Your business will thrive or die online based on its SERP location. SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page, and it’s the one you see every time you look for a product through Google, Bing or another search engine. You need, for your business to survive, to be on the first page of results for whatever ​ product or service you provide. To make sure you get the best results possible for your business, you have to keep the search engine happy. That’s where SEO Search Engine Optimization comes into the equation.

Make Sure Your Business Makes the First Page of SEO Results

There is no secret formula to magically rank your website over other businesses, no matter what you’ve heard. Search engines are in the business of keeping their customers satisfied by providing them with what they want, and doing it quickly. If you use these SEO best practices, and you use them consistently, you’ll see results.

  1. Content matters

    You want to start with first things first. The first issue that makes consumers visit your website is whether your content provides them with the information they need. There’s no getting around it; you need to provide your potential customers with something that’s informative, useful and intuitive to find.

  2. Use headers correctly

    The headers look like h1, h2, and h3, and they use HTML codes to signify their relative importance. You want to use your headers effectively to capture your reader’s attention. Don’t waste the opportunity that is provided headers by simply repeating the title. Instead, use forceful but informative words to hook your customer into wanting to read more.

    Good Headers Keep You Organized for SEO and for Your Readers

    Effective use of headers helps you accomplish a couple of things. Search engines like when you incorporate clear language, like keywords, into your headers. When you incorporate headers into your verbiage, it helps the search engine determine where your content belongs. The second thing that a header does is to keep your article organized, which helps your reader. If you think of h1 as a newspaper headline, then headers h2 and h3 are like chapter or section titles.

    When you make life easier for both the search engine and for your reader, it’s a win-win. That helps drive traffic to your website. Bear Newman from Bear Fox Marketing ( says that by focusing on your SEO (search engine optimization), you build your credibility with search engines by showing that people want to stay connected to your website.

  3. Tag everything

    The first two techniques you use for the benefit of search engines and human readers. The third tip is strictly for the search engine bots, to make it easier for them to categorize your site correctly. You want to incorporate title tags and alt tags into your website.

  4. Do your homework about keywords

    One of the best and most efficient ways to get better search result results is to make sure you’re using the best keywords in your writing. You want to be sure to use an online tool like the Google Keyword Planner to determine which words to utilize. You want to be careful about using industry-specific words that the general public may not be using. As an example, a dentist may think of himself as a periodontist, but the public will often use the term “tooth” when searching for a dentist. By doing your research, you can be sure you’re using the right words to make a match with your customer.

  5. Good meta descriptions can make a big difference

    You also want to be sure to spend some time creating a strong meta description. It’s the summary you see, that’s two to three lines that appear when you do a search for something through Google or another search engine. Think of it as your opportunity to really sell your company, because it’s what your customer is ultimately making a decision about.

    Consider your meta description like the storefront into your business. You want to use enticing descriptive words that make them want to click on your link and find out more. Using these techniques gives you every chance to be optimized for your search engine results.

You want to be sure to stay proactively up-to-date regarding the latest SEO techniques. Being optimized for search engines is the best way to ensure that you’re always open for business and that your customers can find you. After all, you may never get a chance to recapture a lost customer. Using these SEO techniques, you’re sure to be happy with your company’s success in your search engine results.

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