7 Steps to Writing Best-Selling Blog Posts

7 powerful insights and steps on how to write amazing blog posts that truly convert.

Blog posts are without a doubt the most popular forms of content in the present moment. Webmasters and bloggers from all over the place are crafting blog posts with the hope of improving their brand’s awareness, sales performance, and their overall business success.

However, there’s a big difference between writing simple blog posts and writing best-selling blog posts. In order for your posts to convince your reader to become a customer, you should adopt several working strategies for writing these types of posts.

In today’s post, we’re giving you 7 powerful insights and steps on how to write amazing blog posts that truly convert. The key is in the action you’ll take after reading this informational post. Here we go:

  1. Know Your Target Audience Well & Understand Its Needs

    The first rule of business is to know who you’re selling your products and services to.You must have a very specific audience. How do you develop that? Well, you need to start researching and researching up until you figure out the needs & problems of those people who might be interested in your offers.

    Develop a “target persona”, and guide most of your actions according to it. When you write a blog post, write it like as if you were speaking to your ideal customer.

  2. Hook the Reader through Effective Headlines

    Headlines are so important. If you think about it, they’re the “gate” towards your content. If your posts’ titles are lacking efficiency, much fewer readers will reach your page. After all, it’s obvious; if the title is catchy, interesting, or controversial, it will generate more views and engagement.

  3. Write Long, High-Quality Content

    Long content performs better. Why? Simply because writing longer content gives you the possibilities of delivering more value to your readers. A comprehensive 2500-words blog post is always performing better than a simple 700-words post.

    However, it’s not just about being long. In order for a big post to be read until the end, it obviously has to deliver enough quality to your readers. Therefore, try going for “How-To’s”, “Ultimate Guide to…”, “The Life of a …X profession”, case studies, and maybe even documented papers.

  4. Write with Educational Posts While Displaying Non-IntrusiveOffers

    The purpose of content is to offer great information for the reader, not to sell anything right from the start. An effective style of writing that you can adopt is this:

    Write blog posts with the sole purpose of helping or assisting your audience. Once you’ve managed to help them, two things will happen: you’ve earned their trust and you’ve brought them much closer to your brand. In the long run, this equals consistent and stable revenues, and this is because you’re developing a loyal database of customers.

  5. Simple & Concise: The Key to Great Conversions

    Great writing is simple and concise. Good writers always choose simple terms and simple words to express their interesting ideas and points. Well, this is not a rule of thumb, as your target audience might enjoy a more complicated language but I severely doubt so.

    You can use HemingwayApp to check the “readability” of your content. This app suggests how easy-to-read your text is, and it gives you suggestions on how to make it better.

    n case you want to sell your products to as many individuals as possible, you need to ensure that as many individuals as possible understand your content.

  6. Back Up Everything You State

    In order to win your readers’ trust faster than normal, your content needs to be impeccable from every point of view. In today’s times, the overload of information that is present comes from the Internet has a very interesting effect.

    Mike Crawley, CEO at Essay Geeks, has expressed the same type of idea:

    “Customers are building “shields”, or better said…”barriers to purchase”. Before they’re convinced to buy, a lot of individuals expect to see something extremely palpable like studies, case studies, or other forms of “certified” proof.”

    Therefore, whenever you make bold statements…or just…statements, make certain that you also link back to reliable sources so your readers can confirm what you’re saying.

  7. Offer Strong CTAs Throughout Your Posts

    In order to improve your sales performance, your blog posts need to contain strong CTA’s (call-to-actions). Believe it or not, many readers won’t take any sort of action without being motivated or called upon. Your CTA buttons should be noticeable and tempting to click.


Writing great content that produces impact comes once you’ve decided one thing: that your content is no longer mediocre or average. Do you want your readers to convert once they’ve finished reading? Well, make sure that you give them the best possible information and experience while reading your works; this way, success is prone to arrive faster.

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