Ways to Steal Your Competitor’s Web Traffic

Know your competitors and utilize their knowledge and experience into your own.

The success of e-commerce majorly depends on the amount of traffic you can attract to your website. The traffic is later converted into sales and long term customers. However, getting the traffic is the one thing presenting a great challenge. Even after extensive research on methods of increasing traffic, you may find yourself lagging behind and not meeting the objectives of your business. It is the desire of every business to see a constant increase in traffic.

It even gets worse when after implementing all possible strategies, your top competitor is attracting more traffic that what you have had in a while. At some point, you must agree, you feel like you are in a battle and definitely on the losing side. What if there is a way to drive the traffic from your competitor’s website to your site? How would you like to do that? The answer is obvious, and that is why this article looks at ways you could legally steal traffic from your competitors.

Identify your Top Competitors

If you think that you know you competitors, then think again. There are more than 900 websites in the world and among them are the players in your game who are on the top of it. To find a way of having your competitors’ traffic going through your web pages and buying your products the first step is identifying them. Later, you will use the strategies they use to attract users to your site.

Using Google, there is an easy way of finding related domains to your site which contain common backlinks, keywords and such alike. This is a quick method of identifying your competitors. On the Google search bar, type in related: followed by the domain of your site, for example, “related: yoursite.com” For a more enhanced search, you may consider using the websites such as similarweb.com to find your real competitors.

Such sites give more relevant information about your rival’s activities including their daily traffic volume, keywords, top posts, the geographic and demographic aspect of their traffic, and their backlink data among others. Take note of your top competitors using the acquired information and read to the end of this article to understand how you will steal their traffic.

Target their organic keywords

The top reason why your competitor has more web traffic is that they use specific organic keywords. For example, whenever you search “ do my research paper for me ” you instantly get all top custom writing services. That is because such keywords play a central role in website ranking. When potential clients search for the keywords on the search engine, their websites are ranked on top of the first page which results in traffic. Going for such keywords is a smart strategy of attacking from the roots.

You can identify the specific keywords used by your competitor, including the pages where they cause the most traffic, and the approximate number of searches they received on the search engines. This is everything you need to know about the keywords to use them for your benefit. After selecting the most relevant ones, use them on your landing page. How do you make your content relevant for attracting traffic?

The title

This is probably the first thing that will make a person to read the content on any site. It is true to say that the title is the primary factor for on-page ranking. With a more catchy title that induces the urge of reading in the visitors of your site, you get more clicks – traffic – on your site.

Focus on the User Experience

What will make the visitors of your site come back and recommend you to other people depends on the experience they get on the site. The design of your site, the loading time, content accuracy, and the bounce rate, to name a few not only affects the users’ experience but are also used by Google in ranking. Make sure your content is accessible quickly and that you use relevant formatting and subheadings to make the content easy to read.

Visual content

Use of infographics and videos to pass information on your site has a way of encouraging more traffic. A picture is worth a thousand words, or so they say. One would want to read content with illustrations more than without.

Impeccable Grammar

Most people are turned off by improper use of grammar n most sites. You will want to have your visitors coming back and use your services and products, and one way to achieve this is by having content with no grammatical errors.

Find your Competitor’s Links

You probably understand the importance of quality links for any website. Well if you don’t, then pay close attention. High-quality links from other top and legit websites play a central role in the ranking of a website. As a matter of fact, Google uses the quality of the backlinks to rank the content of any site, which should be quality in the first place.

So, take the time to spot the companies that link your competitor’s site and approach them to link yours instead. You will have the upper hand in this quest if your content is of certain quality and relevance. One such tool that can help you find the companies that link your competitor’s site is the ahrefs. Get quality links, and with every click, see your traffic soar!

Improve your Domain Authority Ranking

It is not enough to outsource for strategies when your house is not in order. Your domain authority is a crucial factor for ensuring that your content gets a better ranking to get more traffic. First, you will need to know your website statistics, and that is where a company like Moz comes in handy in tracking such information. This company uses the information about your site, crawls the web and calculates your score on a scale of zero to 100. One of the most efficient ways of increasing authority is getting high-quality links described in the previous point.

With domain authority, you become relevantly influential in your niche, which is critical to get you on top. Advertisement of your top content that demonstrates your leadership of the industry is a smart way of outdoing your competition and getting their traffic. Another strategy is to build robust and lasting relationships with the key players and influencer in the industry. This way, you get related to the best, and the influence of your business gets even better.

Promotional tactics

You can go ahead and promote your products on the social media sites. This can play a significant role in driving your competitor’s traffic to your site. The good thing about this is that you can target your promotions according to demography, geographical location, age, gender, and interest of potential clients. Better yet, you can counter attack your rival’s advertising by presenting better incentives and quality content and get more views.

Final Thoughts

Unless you use strategized tactics to succeed in the online business, you may succumb to competition and end your venture. Luckily, most of the methods discussed above on how to steal traffic are readily application by anyone dealing in e-commerce. However, you will want to be more vigilant not to copy content, because that may result to the penalization of your site. You’ve got to be smart.

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