2013 Trends: Must-haves for a Popular Website

2013 is the year where you are expected to embrace new standards.

2013 looks to be the time where the direction the Internet has been taking for the past couple of years becomes solidified. More and more people are becoming connected through social media and using smartphones. These things are evolving from trends to the way people do things. For your website to thrive in 2013, it is a prerequisite that it tackles these things head-on.

Social Media

Be it Facebook, Twitter or whatever, it is necessary that your web page is connected. Your page no longer exists in a vacuum. It needs to reach out into the domains of social media. More importantly, you have to accept Google Plus. While it may seem to be catching on slowly, Google is putting their full power behind it. The plus one button already looks to be playing a notable part in search engine rankings. Systems like Author Rank will tie the reputation of writers directly to your webpage’s search engine results. If Google decides that Plus is going to be an integral part of things, which they seemingly already have, it will be.

Mobile Integration

If your site is not optimized for mobile browsers in 2013, it will reflect poorly on you. As users flock to portable platforms, it comes across as lazy and apathetic to have a page that doesn’t work well on mobile. Responsive design will be key. Optimizing your site with CSS3 will make it quicker and easier to load up on mobile. Instead of image-centric design, learn to use CSS3’s innate abilities to its full potential. Mobile is modern.


In 2013, cumbersome web design just will not cut it anymore. Be it single page websites, locked headers or scroll-centered designs, people are opting for fast and efficient web pages. Simplify your navigation. With the power of HTML5 and CSS3, it is easy to streamline your pages. Huge lists of content and hard to find items will alienate your users.

Succeeding in 2013 leaves you no choice but to bring your page up to speed. New standards are being set, and this is the year where you are expected to embrace them.

This article was submitted by Leslie Hunt, a blogger for http://www.clearinternetdeals.net/. She enjoys writing about marketing, world economy and current affairs.


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Author: Leslie Hunt

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