November, 2011

November 2011

Domain Registration Guidelines 01

The internet is highly sensitive to SEO techniques these days, and that is why you should keep domain registration in mind when doing so.

New Website? Questions to Answer Before You Start 02

Important information about what to consider before designing a new website for your business.

How to Make your Website More Trustworthy 03

Tips on making visitors trust your website to convert more customers.

Building a time-saving college blog 04

Blogging – if done right and well – can be a time saver and more for the enterprising scholar

Common SEO Mistakes Made by Web Designers 10

Some of the most common SEO mistakes made by web designers.

Were Google+ Business Pages a Mistake for the Company? 14

Is it too late for Google+ to draw the attention of businesses to their social network, or is the market too saturated with options already?

Using Google Web Apps for Project Management 23

Some great collaboration tools available from Google Apps Marketplace.

Task Management Technique – Improves Your Focus When You Write Things Down and implement it 27

Task management software for efficient project management and getting things done in time.

Smart Phone Apps for Designers and Developers 29

Some great iPhone and Android apps for web designers and developers