5 Great Google+ tips

Tips and tricks for a greater Google plus experience.

Have you had a chance to check out Google+, the new Social Network from Google? What do you think? Are you ready to dump facebook yet? ;-)

If you are not yet sure, here are 9 Reasons to switch from facebook to Google+. There is no farmville yet, but don’t worry, Google+ Games could be in the works.

Anyway, here are some great tips for a better Google plus experience.

  1. Invite your friends and family

    Not being able to invite your friends or relatives? Here is a trick to invite them : Create a circle with all the people you want to invite. Create a new post and share it with the circle you just created. If you see a message saying that they are not in google plus, click share button again.

  2. Turn Google+ into facebook!

    Google+ looks similar to facebook in many ways. With the stylish extension and Google+ : Facebook style, you can now actually make your Google+ look like facebook. (Tip from TechCrunch)

  3. Don't want your data to be public?

    • Change who can see your contacts. Go to https://plus.google.com/me/about/edit/nv and select “Your circles” instead of “Anyone on the web”.
    • When you edit your profile, choose who can see individual fields.
    • When sharing a post, choose “Your circles” (all circles) or specific circles
    • Disable reshare : Click the arrow at the top-right of the post and choose “Disable reshare”.
    • Use “View Profile As” to view the profile as someone else to see what they see.
  4. Importing facebook contacts.

    You can't directly import facebook contacts. but you can import your facebook friends via Yahoo. See Facebook Friends: Meet Yahoo! Contacts

    Then connect your yahoo account to Google+ here: http://plus.google.com/circles/find

  5. Using Evernote?

    Add your Evernote Email address as a Circle when posting to Google+ and it will automatically archive the post to Evernote.

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