Cloud Hosting and Virtual Private Servers

Cloud hosting and Virtual Private Servers have their own pros and cons and come in different packages.

Cloud hosting and virtual private servers are used by many people.

Both have their own pros and cons and come in different packages. It all depends on the choice of the user which one they want to choose. Both of these are similar and different in their own unique ways. Choose the right web hosting and it will ultimately improve your SEO. Here we are going to do a little comparison of both the services, talking about their individuality and scope of usage. All we can say for now is that both are living proofs of the evolution of technology. So let’s talk about Cloud hosting first.

Cloud hosting

Cloud computing or cloud hosting is rather a new concept and is still gaining the importance. A lot of cloud hosting services are being introduced over the past few months and these services are becoming really popular. Once we have got our own space we can host web pages and web sites through the cloud hosting services. The place that we have is purely our own. However a cloud is divided into various portions and being shared by other neighbors as well. You are managing your own location and your website. You can do the maintenance, install and configure the programs as you like. The only concern that comes with cloud computing is of security and reliability, as your data might be accessed by those who have the rights of those servers.

Virtual Private Servers

Virtual Private servers might and might not be placed at some remote location, unlike cloud hosting. However the space you get on the server is virtual, which means that physically your private server does not exist however the space you have got on the server will act like your own stand alone server. You will not know and there will be other virtual servers running along side your server. But your server will be fully protected and dependant on its own. You will get the root access rights once you have the VPS, that means you can install and configure any application or software you desire. The maintenance of the server is the responsibility of the host who s providing the VPS, so you do not have to worry about that. The disadvantage that comes with VPS are hardware limitations, you are bound to use the hardware that the host is using however sometimes it so happens that you need a more upgraded version of machine to carry out your operations. Also the traffic that is generated on other VPSs who are sharing same IP might affect the loading speed of the page.

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