How to Dominate Social Media

Social Media that works for your Business

Small businesses are quick to jump into the bandwagon of using social media as a marketing tool. However, social media per se is not a silver bullet that will instantly make a struggling business head and shoulders above its competition. Business owners need to put things into proper perspective in order for them to know exactly what social media can do for their business as well as its limitations.

The first thing to understand is that great content can never be underestimated. Newsworthy content will not only attract your target audience but also educate and inform them which consequently builds your business credibility. You want to set yourself as an authority so that customers learn to trust you and value your opinion, making it easier for you to promote your products or services. Secondly, readers are not just looking for helpful content; they’re also looking for fresh content. Finally, responsiveness is a big plus. Make it a habit to respond to things being said about your company, whether good or bad, quickly and take a proactive stance when you receive a bad review. That way you can turn an unsatisfied customer into a happy one. Once you master these basic concepts, you’re ready to utilize social media and here are a few tips for you to get started.

Advertise on Facebook

Unlike other PPC programs, you can select which users get to view your ads based on their demographics, zip codes, types of households and almost any other criterion that you specify.

Provide Incentives for ‘Likes’ and ‘Follows’. Basic human psychology will tell you that people respond more when they know that they will be rewarded for acting. So give members of your target market to ‘like’ you in Facebook or ‘follow’ you in Twitter by giving freebies, discounts and contests.

Make Use of Hot Topics

Pay close attention to trends such as news events, new products and celebrities and use these topics as the theme for when you’re publishing posts in Facebook and Twitter. Doing so will allow you to stay up-to-date and current.

Target Local Followers or Friends

In order to get people who know you and your business through social media websites to go to your brick-and-mortar stores, it is always a good idea to invite these individuals to business-related events or hold a promotion that will require them to head to your store. Giving Facebook- or Twitter-only freebies and discounts is one way for them to check out your store since that’s the only way for them to redeem their reward.

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Author: Chris Marentis

Chris Marentis is an experienced marketer who enjoys writing about what he has learned in over 25 successful years in business and currently specializes in Small Business Internet Marketing at Surefire Social.

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