Tips for Achieving High Google Ranking

If you work on some of these tips in a consistent and systematic way, results will surely come.

If you want to attain a high Google ranking for your website, then this article is for you. The following are factors that you should address.

Keyword in Domain Name and URL

Though many experts have been reluctant in admitting this factor, it is almost obvious that having the keyword in the domain name and URL influences your ranking in Google. Keywords in URL mean that relevant keywords have been used in the file name of the published page. The same applies to the site’s overall domain name. The more relevant it is to the subject, the better.

Keyword in Title Tag

The page title is one of the most important factors for high ranking. It is therefore absolutely crucial that you include your main keyword in the title tag.

Freshness of Content

Do you have much old content and very few new pages being posted infrequently? This will certainly lead to the downgrading of your site. Ensure that you have a lot of new content being published constantly to balance out the number of aging pages.

Frequency of Updates

The more frequently you change and update your content, the better it is. However, when it is overdone, it becomes a negative factor. For news sites, updating the content on their home page several times a day will lead to a higher ranking.

Popularity (Back links)

This is the sum total of web links directed at your site from other ones. If you want to find out how many back links your site has, just type in your domain name in a search engine. To increase your popularity, you could write articles with relevant links and post them on several other websites.

Anchor Text in Inbound Links

This is a crucial factor affecting your rankings in Google. The idea is to have other websites link to you using specific keywords as anchor text in the links pointing to you. For instance, if you want a website on health subjects to be ranked highly for queries associated with ‘weight loss’, you will need to have a good number of sites linking to yours using the keywords ‘weight loss’ as the text link.

User Behavior

Google is able to track individual behavior patterns on multiple sites for millions of internet users. Using this statistical data, Google then looks at factors such as time spent on site, visitor bookmarking of site, method of leaving site, and several other factors in assessing a website’s credibility.

Give it time

As Google gives crucial importance to your site’s age in establishing its credibility and rank, one good rule is to give sufficient time for a website to establish itself. Those seeking spectacular and quick results may be easily disappointed. However, if you work on some of the tips discussed above in a consistent and systematic way, results will surely come.

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Author: Charles Mburugu

Charles Mburugu is a professional content developer and an entrepreneur. He often writes about real estate, finance, business start-ups and internet marketing. In the past few weeks he has been writing for blogs where you can get the latest norton 360 premier coupon code and go daddy promotional code.

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  1. “If you want to find out how many back links your site has, just type in your domain name in a search engine”

    Um, I think there’a missing piece here…

    To see your site’s backlinks, you can either put “” into Google (which generally returns only a small percentage of backlinks) or type “” into Yahoo, which returns pretty much everything.

    You can also use a free tool such as Link Diagnosis ( or an SEO software tool such as Traffic Travis or WebCEO.

    Putting your domain into a search engine by itself, however, won’t show you any backlinks – just a lot of your own content :-)

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  2. Great tips and will start implementing on my social entertainment portal. Thx!


  3. All valid points Charles and well explained.

    If I could add one more thing, it would be Relevance of Content. This is becoming a crucial factor in determining a sites authority and with the recent rollout of the Google Panda update, will affect your site now more than ever.

    So keep your content fresh, relevant and on-topic and you are on a winner!

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  4. how to list my blog in google