The Need for a Full-Stack Digital Marketing Approach in 2020

In the times of COVID-19, following a single marketing line is simply not enough anymore. A full-stack approach is paramount for maximum reach and performance.

In 2020, the marketing industry has seen some spectacular changes. The pandemic has changed the way people interact with brands, products, websites, and also how products should be marketed to ensure engagement. In the times of COVID-19, following a single marketing line is simply not enough anymore. A full-stack approach is paramount for maximum reach and performance.

Social Media Is King

As a response to the new living conditions that everybody had to adapt to, social media has become even more powerful. People spend even more time on Instagram and Twitter these days, which makes social media a major marketing opportunity. The golden rule is to meet your potential customers where they are and these days, it's on social media.

Digital marketers are all advised to take up online social media marketing courses to stay ahead of the times and up their online marketing game. It takes a lot of creativity to come up with a good social media campaign these days, so it is best to be prepared. As expected, the competition level has increased tremendously, but so have the results.

People want to be heard and companies must show them that they understand them, that they are listening, and that they have the products and services to respond to their needs. This should be the pillar of any successful social media campaign in 2020.

SEO is the Foundation of Success

Search engine optimization is one of the fundamental marketing strategies that any company must invest in. While the surge in social media traffic will fade once the pandemic passes, Google will remain the go-to place for information during and long after the pandemic is over. The effects of a well-crafted SEO campaign may take longer to see, but once they do kick in, they will pay off in the long run.

In fact, an impressive number of companies have upped their SEO game in 2020 precisely because search engine optimization has become a central marketing funnel. E-commerce platforms in particular have thrived after implementing strong SEO optimization plans because high ranking in search engines means visibility and visibility is essential for engagement.

Even if you have the best products, if nobody sees them, then nobody will buy them. Good SEO will get you in the first organic search results in Google, but it will also get you in the Google featured content, such as featured snippets, answer boxes, and how-to guides.

PPC Makes You Visible on Mobile

The complementary strategy to SEO is PPC. With instant results and maximum visibility, PPC can bring your site to the top of the line. Now more than ever, it is very important to invest in PPC as well because people's patience levels are getting lower and lower. When they look for something, people are likeliest to click on one of the first 3 search results, including ads.

On desktop, the line between PPC results and organic results is quite clear to see, and users can get the full view of the search results. On mobile, on the other hand, they have to scroll all the way through the ads, then through the Google featured content, to get to the organic results. And considering that mobile traffic greatly outweighs desktop in the new normal, having a PPC campaign has become more important than ever. It's be there or be square for mobile search!

Social Media, SEO, and PPC – Strongest Together

To make it in the competitive market of the new normal, your company has to achieve top-level visibility. The main funnels are search engines and social media and you have to be present on both to be relevant. This is where your potential customers are, so this is where you have to be.

You need a strong social media campaign that has to feature relatable and engaging posts, as well as ads to ensure maximum visibility. Then, you need a solid SEO strategy in place. It is only by thorough optimization that you can get on the first page in Google Search. Make sure to optimize for featured snippets as well to maximize organic visibility.

Then, to complete your company's visibility potential, enforce a stellar PPC campaign to make sure you are present in the first results that people see on mobile. Pro tip – if you're present in the ads, but also in the top 3 organic search results, then people are more likely to click on your result because they consider you to be reliable. So start working on your full-stack marketing campaign! You will be reaping the rewards in no time!

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