5 Content Experiments That Will Blow Your Mind

Content can be powerful if applied wisely!

More than 85 percent of companies use content marketing. But more than a half of them do not see any benefit in it. Why? Because content marketing makes you vulnerable. It shows the side that no customer will ever see in everyday life. You put your ideas and thoughts on display in the hope that people will hear them and understand.

We gathered the most magnificent examples to make you believe – content can be powerful if applied wisely!

  1. Fourfold increase in the number of attracted customers by InsideOut

    Specializing in corporate training, InsideOut started developing their content marketing strategy in 2012. The attention of potential customers was centered around simple presentations, videos, and articles. What is the secret of success of such blog? The content was unique and successfully competed with alternative newsletters.

    InsideOut staff members worked on the creation of materials, which helped make texts more relevant to main goals of the company’s work. The content was distributed by e-mail, and also published on the website, social networks, and press releases.

    This strategy has shown excellent results in all areas of work, and especially in the field of mailings. So, the content-oriented approach brought following results:

    • CTR increased by 20%;
    • the number of unsubscribers decreased by 87%;
    • the number of customers increased by 388%.
  2. ShoreTel Sky triples number of incoming links

    ShoreTel Sky works in the field of cloud telephone services. The goal of their content marketing strategy was to increase their presence in the market. The company already had a personal blog; the only thing left was to find authors who would write articles.

    Newly hired employees were determined to build up the authority of the company, increase targeted traffic and raise communication with users to a new level.

    ShoreTel Sky also engaged in the creation of infographic. Following the results of 2013, the company managed to:

    • increase organic traffic by 50.8%;
    • triple the volume of external links;
    • accelerate the transition of readers to customers – users who read blog content, bought 42% more often than others.
  3. Rental History Report increases organic traffic by 4 times

    B2B Company Rental History Reports decided to start their content strategy with the launch of new service. The changes were related to the need to increase traffic and reduce the cost of PPC, but more trusting relationships with the audience were the desirable primary goal to achieve.

    The company launched a blog that covered questions asked by customers and provided the possibility to search by keywords. It was planned to post at least three articles per week. As a result, Rental History Reports was on the first page of Google Search for some keywords and phrases used by clients.

    Company’s experiment helped them increase organic traffic by four times in six months.

  4. Winning experiment by City Index

    September 2012 was a huge year for City Index – the company engaged in financial schemes launched the Trading Academy. The project gave an opportunity to win 100 thousand pounds to one of the eight future traders.

    Every week Trading Academy has been losing a trader, and for the last one, the company rented City Hall, where they held a draw between two finalists. The whole event was intended to attract unfamiliar with trading people and engage them in the “game”.

    Useful videos from YouTube, as well as real-time auction, were displayed on the website of the campaign. Contestants had their own accounts on Twitter and wrote personal blogs on the City Index itself.

    During the competition, the company noted a record increase in a number of users and a significant rise of their website in the organic search. Besides:

    • 20 million Twitter users used the #TradingAcademy hashtag;
    • 67 000 clicks on #tradingAcademy were recorded;
    • transitions from social networks began to occur 15 times more often;
    • the number of unique users increased by 81%;
    • the cost of PPC decrease by 60%.
  5. Zillidy’s brand recognition strategy

    Zillidy, engaged in consumer lending, started to build a brand of their banking system in 2012. The main purpose of their content experiments with blog post was to promote brand recognition, increase presence in media and create communicational channels.

    Experts hired by Zillidy taking following actions:

    • increasing the time spent on the website, through the introduction of videos, recommendations, and snippets from alternative news sources;
    • modifying the site’s design to improve the user experience of the mobile segment;
    • weekly publicizing posts about start-ups and answers to readers’ questions on the corporate blog. The articles were also duplicated in New York Times and Huffington Post.

    The results of implemented strategy brought:

    • social media audience enlarged from 100 subscribers, up to 1000;
    • the number of views from search traffic increased by 1350%;
    • up to 2.5 thousand reposts of Zillidy materials on social networks.

As you see, content is a very powerful instrument in every business. It can bring beneficial results for you if you develop own strategy and use the most popular posts to attract new users. Though most of the successful strategies were presented by professional experts; nothing would be possible without the desire to risk and excitement to try something new.

Nothing can be obvious or simple on the changing modern market. But one thing is certain: the quality of the material was and will always be in the first place. Thus, if you represent a topic within 3-5 paragraphs and do it without excitement, then it’s better to change your approach.

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Author: Helen Birk

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