Common SEO Mistakes Made by Web Designers

Some of the most common SEO mistakes made by web designers.

When it comes to creating a site, web designers are very important. However, web designers may fail miserably as far as SEO is concerned. Many web designers only concentrate on a site’s visual aspect, and give little or no thought to SEO.

The following are some of the most common SEO mistakes made by web designers.

  1. Depending heavily on flash

    While flash can make a website look very cool and artistic, sites which have too many flash images are disastrous when it comes to SEO. If you have to use flash on a page, make sure you have another version of the page in HTML.

  2. Using images rather than text for anchors

    This is a common mistake made by many designers. Anchor text is very important for SEO. When your links don’t have anchor text, this may affect your ranking in search engines. Though images might be more attractive, you will need to sacrifice aesthetics for functionality.

  3. Messy or excessive code

    When it comes to SEO cleanness of code is very vital. If your code is messy or excessive, search engine spiders might not be able to crawl it. This could lead to the exclusion of your website from search engines since it cannot be indexed.

  4. Excessive use of JavaScript

    JavaScript, especially when there is too much of it, is not good for search engines. If JavaScript is not properly coded, it can render your pages unreadable by search engine spiders. This means that your pages won’t be indexed.

  5. Over-optimized websites

    Over-optimized sites are as bad as under-optimized sites. When you use keyword stuffing and other tactics to artificially manipulate your site rankings, you might end up being banned by search engines.

These points are crucial and can help you select a SEO-friendly designer. To find out if a designer is SEO-friendly, you can look at his past websites. Are they well done, especially in terms of SEO? If their previous websites don’t have obvious SEO mistakes like the ones listed above, they might be worth hiring. However, if you notice these mistakes in their past sites, you may need to look for another designer.

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Author: ZK

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