6 Ways to Instantly Boost Your Search Engine Rank

The quickest, most foolproof ways to reach the #1 position

So you want to be #1? There are many ways to get there and you just want the quickest, most foolproof way. It seems the popularity competition extends to all ages and aspects of our lives. Won’t it ever be over?! No. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a handbook of ways to succeed in anything? Unfortunately, you know by now that nothing of the sort exists. One thing that is important in success is confidence, so take a deep breath and rein in your confidence!

  1. Do Some Research

    Research your closest competition; find out what key words bring you to their site. Use those words or phrases in your site and you should be brought up nearby when seekers search for “organic bamboo clothing”. What keywords best describe what sets you apart from “organic clothing”? Add a specific term in the mix, like, bamboo. The more original your idea, the higher ranking you’ll become when your product is sought after.

  2. Create A Facebook Page for your Company

    As silly as Facebook can surely be, it can generate new views on your site. “Friend” people on pages boasting like ideas that your site offers. Advertise on your status and make sure to provide links directly from your site. Also, when someone searches for your site’s name, it will most likely be the first thing that pops up.

  3. Use Places to Make Your Searched Words Unique

    If your site is for a clothing store next to a historic landmark, throw that in there as well. If you create the uniforms for a specific sports team or school, include that so when the team is searched for, your site will also pop up.

  4. Write, Write, Write!

    Include a 200 word description of each item or item types on your site. Use as much unique terms as possible, over and over. Include that the fabric was purchased through ABC Co-op; the Co-op uses proceeds to support the Amazon Rainforest Society, etc. The more specific proper nouns you use, the more your site will be brought up when those terms are typed into a search engine. Try using the same words or phrases repeatedly but naturally in each write up. The more the merrier.

  5. Pay the Professionals.

    Paid advertising is a good way to ensure your site gets out there but it is not for everyone, as it is a subscription service. Paid advertising allows a company to have its page indexed and catalogued more quickly, instead of waiting days or weeks for an updated page to be found by a Web crawler. Also, the older the page being search is, the more frequent it will be found by the top search engines and ranked highest.

  6. Make an Attractive Site Map

    Now that you have your page titles, keywords and links all over everything online, it’s time to create an attractive and interesting site map. It will give the clicker an organized view of all you have to offer and make searching that much easier. Don’t forget to use your keywords on the site map.

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Author: Patrick Hopkins

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