Converting Visitors into Customers

4 strategies to help businesses convert online visitors into customers.

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Every consumer is different, and they each have their own, unique expectations and needs. No business can generalize how to manage consumers. However, businesses can make sure that they do provide the minimum of what the average consumer wants. When it comes to the internet, the average person is most often attracted to a high quality, informative website. Following are some useful tips to help businesses turn these visitors into customers.

Make Sure There is a Demand for the Product or Service

If there is no demand for the product or service that a business is offering, the business will not be successful. Businesses should always take some time and find out if there is a need for their products or services, and if the prices they are charging are reasonable. If prices are too high, visitors will often move on to another website to find a cheaper price.

Make Sure the Website is User-Friendly

It can be quite frustrating for visitors if they cannot find what they want on a website, or if they cannot figure out how to navigate the site. Businesses need to make sure their sites are easy to navigate and understand. If the business has options to purchase items on their website, they need to make the purchasing process as effortless as they can. No one wants to spend 30 minutes trying to figure out how to purchase something.

Businesses also need to include their contact information on each page of their website. Often, when a visitor to a site cannot find the contact information for a business, they will become frustrated and give up, moving on to another business’s site. Website owners need to make sure this information is visible on each page.

Always Offer Excellent Customer Service

Visitors are more apt to become customers if they know the site has excellent customer service. There are various ways to offer excellent service to new and existing customers, and following is a list of a few things that businesses should always offer.

Always provide either easy returns or exchanges. If visitors know that they will have these options, they will feel more comfortable trying the products or services; thus, becoming customers.

Always be available to visitors, as well as, existing customers. Although having a FAQ section on the site is terrific, there should always be an 800 number or an email for consumers to contact if they have any questions. Answering people’s questions promptly is essential, as nobody wants to wait for days for an answer when they can find an answer quickly on a different site.

Offer Special Discounts to Faithful Customers. When visitors see that there is a significant discount, such as free shipping on orders over a set amount, they will be more apt to make a purchase. Another excellent incentive is offering a discount on a second purchase.

Offer Personal Surveys For Paying Customers. This will not only help businesses determine what they may need to improve upon, but the consumer will feel as if the business cares about what they need and want.

Include Appealing Photos, Graphics and Testimonials on the Site

Photos and graphics pertaining to the business’s products or services can entice the visitor to try out the products or services. When including photos and/or graphics, site owners should also include clear descriptions of the product or service and why it will be advantageous to the visitor if they purchase it.

Testimonials or customer reviews are fantastic additions to any website. When visitors know that previous customers are fully happy with the products and services that a website offers, they will feel safe in becoming a customer, as well.

Finally, businesses should always include a Privacy Policy and a Secure Payment System on their sites. This will make the visitors feel safe in providing their personal information to the site. No one wants to think that his or her information is going to be shared with a third party.

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Author: Eric Wyatt

Eric Wyatt writes on internet marketing and social media. He particularly focuses on conversion optimization and landing page optimization.

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