Why Blogging is Not for You

Blogging, just like any other method of communication on the Web, requires passion.

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Blogging is not for everyone. Yes, blogging is extremely popular these days, but that does not mean you have to join the bandwagon. Blogging, just like any other method of communication on the Web, requires passion. If you hate writing and writing schedules, or if you are not into bragging about your business through words then, without question, blogging is not for you.

How can you tell if blogging is not made for you?

You’re not a story teller. You do not have to write like Kerouac, Burroughs, or Hemingway to be an effective blogger, but you have to admit that readers want stories that will convince them that your blog is something worth reading and following. If you lack the skills to write enthralling and captivating narratives, then do not expect to gain solid and loyal readers.

You hate writing. Blogging is writing, so this is self-explanatory. If you hate writing, either find another way to promote your business, or hire someone qualified to ghost-write your blog for you.

You fear rejection. Blogging means that you should be ready to open yourself up to comments and feedback–and you can expect divergent opinions from your readers. If you fear rejection, then you had best stay away from blogging. Comments and reactions can definitely be blunt and oftentimes harsh–a sure way to ruin your day. If you decide to blog anyway, prepare yourself mentally for hurtful comments. People are going to say what they want to say, and it wouldn’t do for you to be onion-skinned.

You have no time management skills. Time management is one of the most important elements in a serious business blogging career. Perez Hilton is not really a great writer, but because he posts his blogs with regularity despite his busy schedule, his blog has risen to become one of the most important blogs on the Web. Timing the post right and having the ability to determine when to best reply to readers’ comments have contributed to Perez’s blog’s success, but the bottom line is that he understands the value of prioritizing his blogging career over anything else.

You find communicating with other people boring and nonsensical. If you do not derive any pleasure from ‘talking’ with anonymous or faceless people on the Web, then blogging is also not suited for you. Just like those who hate writing, you would probably do better promoting your business through other means.

Maybe you do not love your business enough? Despite everything I said before this, if you really love your business, you’ll want to promote it as best you can. And without a blog, you could be missing an essential piece of the puzzle to complete your marketing mix and generate more business. If you truly want to grow your business, you’ll learn to blog–develop writing and storytelling skills, learn to openly accept criticism, manage your time well, and teach yourself to enjoy interacting with faceless people. Give blogging a try or, at the very least, hire a professional to speak…errr…write for you.

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