Tips for Turning Web Browsers into Paying Customers

How to improve your online conversion rates...

Many marketing experts grapple with the idea of on-site conversions. After creating a great marketing plan, and driving traffic to a website or landing page, the next step is turning your prospects into customers. You can improve your online conversion rates in several ways.

Generate targeted traffic

A vital strategy for improving on-site conversions starts even before you make adjustments to your webpage or site. Attracting relevant people to your site is essential for boosting conversions at a lower cost. Start by assessing your lead sources and establish how much your prospects are aligned with your product. This was the first step I took towards improving conversions in my diet blog which features Nutrisystem discounts and Medifast coupons.

One way of accumulating this information is through a survey that pops-under or pops-up as browsers exit your site. Many times, reducing or retargeting expenditure to the best-performing segments can have a positive effect on ROI.

You can also establish which traffic is aligned to your market by carefully examining your Google Adwords campaign. With appropriate conversion tracking, you can easily establish which keywords are producing sales, versus clicks alone. Work on expanding your high converting keywords and directing relevant prospects to your page.

Improving landing page performance

Once you begin attracting the relevant prospects, you need to think about converting them. The easiest way of improving conversion is by testing several landing pages. If you possess the technology for rotating landing pages, you can test several pages in a short time and learn which pages have a higher conversion rate. If you have to test one page at a time, take a week to run each landing page and measure the results.

Another way of enhancing on-site conversions is through the use of an automated touch program. Through this method, you can make use of an auto responder that gives people the chance to reconnect with your business. For instance, if users encounter any problem on your site while purchasing a coupon or product, an auto responder can be useful for sending an email message within minutes, inviting prospects back to complete the purchase.

Besides targeting those who had started making a purchase, you could also use an auto responder for individuals who sign up to receive information from your site. They might sign for your free lessons, whitepaper or newsletter. Once someone has registered, the auto responder starts working, sending relevant emails at preset intervals. As a result, you are able to communicate with a previously unavailable prospect. Work at improving conversion by testing timing and creative of messages.

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Author: Charles Mburugu

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