Top 5 Websites for Finding Viral Content before Your Friends Do

A list, description, and why for five of the best places on the internet for finding viral content first.

Finding that next viral hit might seem akin to digging for a needle in the proverbial haystack. But, if you really want to find the best viral content before your friends do, you must know where to look.

Sure, you can turn to the normal websites like everyone else: Twitter and Facebook are two of the most popular for sharing and discovering the hottest viral content. But, everyone else is going there too, so check out the following five websites before you head back to Facebook and Twitter.


Whether you want to find the newest viral content or turn your content viral, Buzzfeed provides the platform for you. Buzzfeed tracks viral content, and its homepage features the latest viral content from the web. Content is divided into sections, including “going viral” and “just launched,” giving you access to the very latest content on the web at that very moment.

You can also use Buzzfeed’s Viral Dashboard to help track your own website content. Viral Dashboard provides 360 updates a day, so you know what content is viral, what might go viral, and what you might want to tweak to give it the potential to go viral.

Know Your Meme

If you like digging through interesting photos and video, you’re probably going to love Know Your Meme. Self described as “dedicated to documenting Internet phenomena: viral videos, image macros, catchphrases, web celebs and more,” Know Your Meme allows you to get involved with other users, comment on viral content and share it with other web surfers through your own social media accounts. describes itself as searching for and providing visitors with “great viral and social media cases every day.” Check out the hottest web content of the week and learn what fellow web surfers are saying about the latest viral content on You can also scroll through the archives to see viral hits of the past.

Viral Friday also features the latest viral hits every Friday. To get the latest viral hits every day of the week, you can download the widget, sign up for RSS feeds, or follow on Twitter.

Technically focused on social media news, does feature viral gems, including the recent viral hit about a homeless man, Ted Williams, with an angelic singing voice. His story lit up the internet and made news around the country. You might want to sign up with and check out the top stories daily. You can also discover what friends and other web surfers are saying about the latest content and share viral content with your friends via Facebook and Twitter.


And, last but certainly not least, go to YouTube. YouTube is probably the hottest place to find viral content – or content that’s about to go viral. Remember not too long ago when a couple danced their way down the aisle at their wedding? Within hours, the video was posted on YouTube and it spread like fire – the video made its way on newscasts around the world, was shared on social media sites, and became an instant hit. It was even parodied on an episode of The Office. YouTube is perhaps the best place to find and to share viral content.

So, you want your content to go viral or you want to find the hottest viral content before all of your friends do? Read what makes content have the potential to go viral. When you understand viral content, you’re more likely to spot content with the potential to go viral. Then go to the preceding websites and look around. Most allow you to like and to comment on content, giving you a good idea of what’s really popular and what could be on the verge of being the next viral hit.

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Author: Frank Eybsen

Frank Eybsen is a social media enthusiast and blogger. He is currently working on affiliate tracking in regards to social media.

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