Authority Links for Your Website: Simple Steps on How to Get It

Marketers around the world say: all you need for good SEO performance is the quality of backlinks. As long as authoritative sites link to you, you don’t have to worry about the number of links.

Search engine algorithms are constantly changing, but there are things whose role is still important. These are backlinks and the quality of the content – they influence the position of the site in the search the most.

Google’s requirements for the quality of links and content are becoming higher, which complicates the work of search engine promotion. This is especially important for small businesses and novice sellers, they are not ready to spend tens of thousands of rubles on the purchase of backlinks. But there is a solution: you can get high-quality SEO links without buying them directly on other people’s sites.

A good and clear analogy: an example with scientific papers or expert publications in specialized publications. The more people refer to the work and cite the opinion of the author on a particular issue, the higher his status as an expert in his niche.

It’s the same with sites: if links from other quality projects in your niche lead to the pages of your online store, the search engine considers it more authoritative than other similar sites, all other things being equal.

As a result, visibility for keywords that are important for business is growing, positions are getting higher, and all this together leads to increased traffic.

How to Get Authority Links

There are dozens of ways to get links to a site. But not in all cases, the effect will be worth the effort. And some methods require a professional approach and the use of specialized SEO tools.

Creating social media pages

The first thing to do is to create the official pages of the company on social networks. This is the easiest way to get external links immediately after launching the online store. Even if you do not plan to work on SMM actively, this opportunity is definitely worth using.

Do not limit yourself to popular Facebook, make pages for the company on Twitter, on YouTube, and Instagram. You will immediately receive six quality and completely free links.

Review Sites

For any company, regardless of its size, customer reviews are critical. They attract the attention of other people and can often have a decisive influence on the choice of your product.

On the Internet, there are specialized sites, which are aggregators of reviews about companies, their products, and services.

Media Interviews and Comments

This can work exceptionally well when interacting with regional media, which often lacks new materials on the agenda. So you can get a link to the company’s website, and additional bonuses to brand recognition.

In addition to interviews, you can point-out work on original materials on topics that you are well versed in and suggest (by writing a letter to the author of the blog or the editor) your comments as an expert.

Collaboration with bloggers

This approach works best for online retail stores. The audience of some bloggers is comparable to the audience of popular media. In exchange for a review and or mention of your store, you can invite the blogger to test the product (or better yet, give it).

Info partnership for events

Even in small cities, not to mention millionaires, markets, exhibitions, and other events are regularly held on a variety of topics. The organizers collaborate with the media and individual companies to disseminate information about the event and attract more participants.

By contacting the organizers, you can offer them support in the form of an information partnership (for example, posting on a blog and social networks), in exchange for mentioning your company with a link to the store. Often the links of partners are placed on the main page of the event website.

You can arrange cooperation with the organizers of fairs and master classes by inviting them to organize a contest with a drawing of one of your goods among the participants or to give participants small souvenirs. For this, the organizers will talk about your store on their website and social networks.

PR material

You always have the opportunity to post some articles on external sites. This can be done by an individual in the state when it comes to medium or large business, or you can write an article to tell what your business is white and fluffy. And try to get a backlink from this PR material.

The main catch was precisely in communication. It was necessary to convey to the PR department the need to control whether backlinks are placed when placing PR articles. The difficulty that arises here: quality resources rarely want to just a link for free. They need some good news feed – that is, they need to prepare useful material with some actual problems.

Press Releases

Press releases work well if you need to get a link from reputable sites. Besides, with proper use, with their help, you can correctly advertise your company.

Be sure to insert a link to the company’s website in the press release, which provides an information guide.

It is imperative how the press release is written. The following factors will significantly influence distribution:


Most of these methods are free, sometimes you have to donate a couple of products to get a link from a blogger, for example. But the efforts will not be in vain, the result will be a steady improvement in the visibility of the store’s website in the search, increased traffic and increased brand awareness. This is important for any website that wants to attract users from the Internet.

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Author: Marie Barnes

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