5 Tips to Look Like a Professional Blogger When You Are Beginner

How do you become a pro-blogger when you’re just a beginner?

You like the idea of blogging, don’t you? Whatever skills and knowledge you have, you can translate them into profitable content. You’re aware of bloggers making money through content, courses, and advertising. However, you also know that not all blogs are successful. Only a small percentage of bloggers get to do what they love doing and earn money from their sites.

How do you become a pro at this when you’re just a beginner? Your audience can see right through your insecurity,so you want to prove you’re a real expert that they want to follow.

We have some tips to help with that!

Tips for Bloggers: How to Look Like a Pro When You’re Just a Beginner?

  1. Invest in a Premium Theme

    If you’re going to start a blog, you’ll probably choose WordPress as your platform. It’s the most common choice because it’s easy to use, so you can create a nice website without the need to learn coding. Beginner bloggers also love WordPress because it’s free. You can start a simple blog without spending a dollar on it.

    But is that the right thing to do?


    You’ll benefit a lot from a premium theme . Free sites are good as personal projects that you’d link to in your resume. But if you want your audience to perceive you as a serious blogger, you want the website to look nicer. You’ll get better features, more functionality, and prettier design if you pay for a theme.

  2. Show Your Knowledge through Readable Content

    Do you know how readers recognize beginner bloggers? They tend to ramble. They don’t have control over their wording, and they can’t force themselves to delete entire paragraphs during the editing process. They end up with massive chunks of text that’s hard to read. Do you know what a pro blogger does? They use studies, percentages, and facts to prove their arguments. They do it through brief sentences and paragraphs, so the content is easy to digest. Use that method if you want to look like an expert from the very beginning.

  3. Publish on a Regular Basis

    There’s another important difference between beginners and pros: the regularity of posting. During their beginners, bloggers are usually very enthusiastic. They publish every day. But then they go out of topics and enthusiasm, so they abandon their blog. They might not show up for months, and then you’ll see another post popping up.

    A professional has a regular posting schedule. Blogging is their job, so they have to stay consistent in it. This is someone who will hire writers from the best essay agency to maintain consistency. If they cannot accomplish to write all posts, they will outsource part of the work to researchers, writers, and editors.

    If you notice you’re running out of ideas or you hit the writer’s block, try hiring a dissertation service. You’ll give some instructions to the writers and they will complete the work by your deadline. You’ll stay on schedule and you’ll still have amazing content to publish under your name.

  4. Your Audience Is the Best Source of Ideas

    When you start blogging, you have specific topics you want to tackle. You’re knowledgeable on them, so you wantto share what you know. But that’s not what a pro blogger does. They have a different approach: they ask their audience what they would like to learn. Then, the blogger delivers.

    Let’s say you start a skincare blog and you write about acids, oils, and active ingredients all the time. Your target readers can already access this information at another site. But if you understand what they struggle with and you provide specific solutions, you’ll get their attention.

    You’ll see YouTube beauty gurus buying certain products just because someone asked them for an opinion in a comment. This is their business, so they take it seriously and they want to deliver what the audience needs.

    Leave the comment section open and be meticulous when going through it. Invite social media followers to ask questions and suggest topics for your next posts. Your audience can be an endless source of inspiration.

  5. Build an Email List

    Who’s your favorite blogger? Answered that question and you’ll realize: you’ve subscribed to their email list. Great blogs have that thing that makes you want more. You want to get info about new content as soon as it comes out, so you can check it out. If the blogger offers eBooks, case studies and other free content, you want it in your inbox.

    You want to be that kind of professional blogger. But you need to build an email list first. Work hard on this aspect! Offer awesome long-form content that your visitors will get when they subscribe. Then, send weekly emails that offer more value.

    You’ll need more content for the email campaign, so maybe you should go through some college paper reviews and consider hiring writers, editors, and graphic designers to assist you with the challenge.

You Can Be a Pro from the Beginning

Yes; time and experience will make you better at blogging. But that doesn’t mean you should make a lousy start. In fact, you can learn a lot from bloggers who already made it big. Make a commitment right from the start: “I’ll do everything it takes to post great content, engage my audience, and attract more readers. I’ll invest in a great website and I’ll post on a regular basis.” When you do that, you’ll skyrocket your career as a blogger even if you’re just a beginner.

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