How to Transform Stale Website Content into Fresh High-Touch Visuals

Tips to help businesses engage people in effective ways, command attention and generate more business and website traffic.

Content that is entirely text based may not be engaging your customers or followers. In this digital arena where people are regularly bombard by content in various forms, it is more important than ever to connect using highly visual content that attracts people. The following five tips can help businesses engage people in effective ways that command attention and may even generate more business and website traffic!

Use More Images

When posting new content or even a simple status update on social media sites like Facebook, simply attach an image to accompany it. The image will grab the reader and if it’s an effective image, readers are more likely to read the associated text. It may be a cliché, but a picture can certainly be a thousand words—more so when it comes to internet marketing because people won’t stick around to read a thousand words; that image truly has to do all the talking.

Be Video Savvy

Instead of posting paragraph after paragraph explaining how a product works, why not show the audience with a how-to video. Video content enriches the website and provides a dynamic alternative to simple text-based content. Keep the videos concise and human; people don’t always want to see a stiff CEO clad in the office “uniform” and speaking like no other humans speak. To relate to people, be people-friendly and post video content that is likely to appeal to them.

Post Infographics

Infographics are a great way to marry text to image in a short and sweet format that readers love to share! Infographics have become today’s marketing sweethearts. Take any bland content and spice it up in the infographic format. Many graphic designers specialize in the infographic format and will be willing to work with businesses for an affordable rate. On the other hand, someone on staff may be willing to give it a try. Check out other infographics to get ideas and then create your own!

Present Your Points

Slides and presentations are becoming a popular way to share information with customers. These can be simple yet effective because they rely on visuals to educate or relate business information. A slide deck can be an ideal way to relate text that may have just been bullet points or a list. It’s also a great way to enliven information that might otherwise sit stagnant in a blog or on a website.

Be Animated

From animated infographics to cartoons, an animated clip can wake up a website. While hiring a professional to do this can be costly, there are some online tools that can be used effectively for adding animation to simple images. By investigating some simple tools and apps, your business may be ready to add movement to website images.

By following these simple yet effective tips, your business can engage viewers in dynamic ways. In fact, they’ll be far more likely to view and respond to this highly visual content than to text-based content. The end result may be more traffic to your website and increased business.

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Author: Jennifer Watts

Jennifer Watts is web developer of many years. On her days off, she likes to blog about her insights on various business websites. If you're in need of web hosting, visit for the latest reviews.

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