5 Great Ways Designers Can Make Life Much Easier On Themselves

Tips web designers can use to become much better at their job and ultimately make more money

How many of you find it hard to design the perfect website? It’s easy in the beginning, but over time you realize it’s hard to keep hitting balls out of the park. You need to make everything a little easier on yourself because you deserve it. There are actually a few ways you can do it and you probably haven’t thought about them in the past. Let’s dig into them and you can start using the tips straight away. Your life will become easier and your websites will reign supreme.

Don’t fix what isn’t broken

How many times have you been told you did an excellent job in the past? The client was very happy and the design did exactly what it was meant to do. You already know what works because you’ve done it a hundred times before. You don’t need to fix what isn’t broken just because you want to do something different. Stick to your proven principles, because they work, and you will have another happy customer on your hands.

Give them fewer options

If you give people too many options it makes everyone’s life more difficult. The visitor doesn’t know what option to choose and that is bad enough, but you need to make sure everything is running off in the right direction. Navigation becomes a nightmare and the website doesn’t flow properly. If you give a website visitor a few options you will know which path they are going to follow and you can make those paths flow perfectly.

Simplicity always wins

How many times have you been impressed by a website that doesn’t have any white space? You don’t know what to think because everything is so confusing. Some people think you’re wasting valuable real estate if every single piece of the website isn’t being used. “Look, there is still some space in the corner. Let’s throw in a link to Twitter,” said no-one with an ounce of intelligence in their body. Keep the design simple and you will always come out on top.

Listen to your clients

You should listen to your clients a lot more than you do at the moment because they’re telling you what they want. Listen, sometimes a client wants something and it’s a bad idea. You can tell them what you think, but at the end of the day they are paying you money so they make the final call. Think very carefully as you might just hate their suggestions because they don’t fit in with your usual practices. There might not be anything truly wrong with them, so listen more and your work could be done for you.

Don’t test them all at once

If you have hundreds of ideas inside your head you don’t need to let them out at the same time because it will make your life more difficult. We’ve already spoken about how you should use what already works, but if you want to try new things you should do them one thing at a time. It will mean you’re always improving as a designer and you have less chance of messing things up. It also means each website you design won’t take forever because you won’t have to tweak it so much.

Becoming a great designer

These all make sense if you think about it, right? Becoming a great designer isn’t just about spending countless hours on a single design until it is prefect. It’s about finding ways to make things easier on yourself because it means you will always be at your peak. You will always be ready to design something special for your future clients, and there will be a lot of them.

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Author: Neena Jones

Today's featured writer, Neena Jones, is one of the leading web developers at a professional website company in Toronto. She is a passionate blogger and likes to share tips and tricks involved in developing a website. She is also a sports enthusiast and likes travelling during her time off from work.

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  1. Hi Neena, regarding whitespace, I agree, in my opinion uncluttered, minimalistic designs with plenty of room to breath are best.

    Scott Mcdonald