Boost Your Website Earnings By Using Responsive White WordPress Themes

When it comes to themes, any webmaster should be cautious because they play a key role in determining how responsive your site will be.

When it comes to WordPress, there is a lot of variety in terms of the themes available. Be it paid for themes or free themes, they are found in abundance. However, when it comes to themes, any webmaster should be cautious because they play a key role in determining how responsive your site will be.

Themes that have a lot of images and scripts generally make sites lag while on the other hand, white themes are mostly preferred by the masses because they are very responsive.

How a white theme can boost your site’s earnings is simple. Since white themes are responsive, they don’t make websites lag. The page loading times are faster and thus, so is the flow of traffic. At the end, higher traffic translates into higher revenue. If you are looking for white wordpress themes, here are few that you can consider:

Risen Theme

Risen theme is a popular WordPress theme. This theme brings many cool features to the tablet including option panels that are powered by the Options Framework. Along with this, there is also CSS and HTML 5 styling, along with different colours for the background and main page, a pool of different Google fonts to choose from, option of uploading custom logo, custom backgrounds and this is not it as there are several others features that are part of this theme as well.

Tersus Theme

Terus Theme is also a pleaser because if you have this theme, you don’t need to look any further. This theme comes along with a short-code generator which permits webmasters to add the kind of functionality they want to their sites. Terus is another white theme that is quite popular due to its sheer smoothness.

Responsy Wp Html 5 Portfolio Theme

Responsy WP HTML 5 Portfolio theme comes with many features such as full support and backing for hardware accelerated touch that is present on sliders, support for WP 3.4, CSS3 coding and HTML5 coding, support for any WordPress model above 3.4, footer and sidebar that is footer ready, unlimited sidebar, total of 17 areas for widget placement, six customized widgets, unlimited sidebars and portfolios and a lot more. Responsy WP HTML 5 Portfolio theme is spotted on many sites, particularly those that have high content because it is extremely responsive and comes with a variety of features that can help you tweak your site and add to its overall functionality.

RT-Theme 17 Responsive WordPress Theme

RT Theme 17 Responsive WordPress Theme is another popular white WordPress theme that is popular because of its simplicity. Majority loves this theme since it comes with a template builder that allows webmasters to make customized website page templates that can be used within posts and pages.

White themes are the best choice for sites that have a lot of content because they are fast, they don’t lag and don’t disrupt the flow of traffic on websites. If you have a great site with outstanding content, there is absolutely no reason why your site will help you secure a decent cash flow every month.

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