4 Old SEO Strategies that Can Doom You if You Continue Practicing

Some bad SEO strategies that you need to remove right now.

If you have experienced that bad time when your site was punished by a Google update, it’s clear that you must have been following some unacceptable SEO strategies. As a fact, after the Penguin/Panda updates, there are many old SEO tactics that are no longer valid. One of the main reasons for this invalidity is that people perform SEO only for pleasing the search engines, and not the actual target audience. Truly speaking, SEO should be done first for the human readers and then for the engine crawlers. Therefore, instead of blaming and criticizing the updates in the algorithms, it is better to focus on good SEO practice by removing the bad strategies. Here are some strategies or tactics that you need to remove right from today.

Releasing Press Releases Just for Links

Most people think that doing press releases (PRs) is really a good strategy for publicizing and obtaining some links from the trusted news channels. However, they need to think whether their releases are really newsworthy or not. Doing PRs just for links is simply a waste of time if it has no valid or interesting news in it. According to SEO experts, PR needs to be a transparent and concise conversation between the stakeholders and the company for developing awareness and building relationships. It should not be solely made for the purpose of link building.

Having Useless Reciprocal Linking & Link Exchanges

Having link exchanges is also a way to gain links and trust by exchanging links with other sites. However, there should be a solid purpose behind it instead of just gaining links. A link should be used to help the reader or visitor to go more useful online resources. If this purpose is not served, then there is no point in having links. If you offer useful links to the visitors, then your goal of SEO will be met automatically. However, if you do not do so, you may end up losing your online reputation.

Including Lean Content

This is one of the bad habits that many SEO performers feel it hard to leave! However, the truth is that useful, relevant, and original content is the key to successful SEO. For writing such content, you need to find out answers to some questions: Who is the target audience? Why are you writing on such topics? Who is going to write for you? Are you planning to outsource? Is the person writing for you knowledgeable and understands the purpose of writing? Answers to these queries can help you obtain the right content that can attract more visitors. Remember, content should be written for both the readers and search engine crawlers because choosing one of them will not make your SEO effective.

Concentrating on Automation

Most companies today are choosing tools to automate their SEO. There is no doubt that a tool help in disseminating and streamlining content. All tools have their own unique features and uses, provided they are used during the right circumstances. You can also go ahead and learn the tools but you will have to use them wisely. You must realize that they are not good in all scenarios and under all situations. For example, these days, social media and blogging are some of the vital ways of good SEO and link building. However, if you restrict your scope to only SEO tools, you are sure to ignore these ways. They can effectively open new opportunities for the future by making you raise your voice in just a few seconds in front of the whole world. Therefore, it is vital to have a broad vision to incorporate new ways of good SEO.

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The author is a computer professional in a finance firm. However, she loves to research a lot on search engine optimization because she is responsible to take care of her firm’s site. Linda also loves to share the new facts found.

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