January, 2013

January 2013

Things to know “How to design knock-out website” 02

If you want your web presence to showcase the perfect image of your brand then it simply means that you need to have a knock out website design.

Holistic Web Design: It’s More Than Just Choosing Fonts And Colors That Look Nice! 03

Web design isn’t just about creating a visually appealing site.

Consequences of a Poorly Chosen Domain Name 08

Picking a domain name should be an educated decision. Here’s what happens when it’s not.

How to find and fix duplicate content on your website 16

There are different techniques you can use to fix duplicate content on a website.

Create a minimal product advertisement in Photoshop 17

Sometimes less is more

Web Design Trends – Predictions for 2013 21

Web design has come a long way since its inception, this article will discuss about some of the most recent trends in website designing.

Make Your Own Business Website 22

You may be surprised at how easy it is to make your own business website.

Low Online Sales Despite The Cash And Effort You Have Invested? Here Are 5 Things You Could Be Doing Wrong! 28

Factors that could be responsible for your bad online sales.

Where To Find The Best Stock Vector Illustrations 29

Stock vectors are an inexpensive way to add exciting visual elements to your website.

4 Old SEO Strategies that Can Doom You if You Continue Practicing 29

Some bad SEO strategies that you need to remove right now.