Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

4 Old SEO Strategies that Can Doom You if You Continue Practicing

If you have experienced that bad time when your site was punished by a Google update, it’s clear that you must have been following some unacceptable SEO strategies. As a fact, after the Penguin/Panda updates, there are many old SEO tactics that are no longer valid. One of the main reasons for this invalidity is that people perform SEO only for pleasing the search engines, and not the actual target audience. Truly speaking, SEO should be done first for the human readers and then for the engine crawlers. Therefore, instead of blaming and criticizing the updates in the algorithms, it is better to focus on good SEO practice by removing the bad strategies. Here are some strategies or tactics that you need to remove right from today.

Where To Find The Best Stock Vector Illustrations

Image Courtesy Dreamstime.comWhen you’re using stock illustrations for a design project, there are a lot of advantages to choosing vector illustrations rather than bitmap files or photos. The crispness, versatility and scalability of vector graphics make them superior in a lot of ways to bitmap files, yet their file size remains remarkably small. Vector images are an essential part of just about any good graphic design project.