Top 5 affordable tools for building website fast

Using these web designing tools could help you in building good websites.

Today, the websites could be termed as a standard calling card for all the small and big business groups. Hence the web designers and developers have a good demand in market. Unlike the other professions where you could find different tools for working professionals, web design too has a number of tools which help the designers to embark with quality website. There are many tools and software application, which can help you while working on any website design project. The below is the list of top five affordable tools for creating website quickly.

  1. Yola

    This tool helps you in creating a basic kind of site by choosing a template and then filling out a couple of easy forms. Once you develop a rough outline, you could think of fine tuning up your website by seeking the help of several in-place editing features. Yola has a number of features, which can help you in digging up the web. You could certainly integrate your website list of several third party services including PayPal, Flickr to share pictures, Picnik for editing photos and Google Maps. The basic version of Yola comes for free; however, if you are keen to access a number of advance features and cool templates along with the option of using your domain, this tool comes with a silver upgrade at cost of hundred dollars on an annual basis.

  2. Wix

    This tool helps you in designing a site with functions and looks as per your whims and fancies. It is basically an online tool that helps you in all the editing work carrying a drag and drop interface, which helps you in learning the ways of creating a site without worrying about the programs or codes. Hence even if you do not have a programming background, you could end up making cool sites using Wix. If you are keen to have your own domain instead of having, you are supposed to upgrade your subscription with hundred dollars per year.

  3. Jimdo

    This is among the popular site building tools among the web designers. Though Jimdo offers you all the basic features of website building for free, yet with an upgrade of 5 dollars per month, you get to see some of the best business features. These include features to design cool and tailor made newsletters, which can help people to stay in touch with the clients, PayPal stores, page view statistics and the employee pages that comes with a password protection. You could also get to see a number of templates and nice overall tools with Jimdo.

  4. Weebly

    This is among the best tools for web designing projects, which was even considered in the list of top 50 website designing tool by Time magazine in 2007. There are more than 3 million users of Weebly all across the world. It comes with a free version with good value in it. Here you will find no bandwidth restrictions and if you have your own unique URL, you could point to this URL without paying anything extra. Weebly also offers you a blog, opportunity for connecting with the Google Adsense and e-commerce capabilities. All these things together could help you in making money through advertisements. It is among the best tool for people with limited budget.

  5. Intuit

    This tool helps you in creating website in the most affordable, simple and quick ways. Even people without any designing experience could create some customized sites for any business. You are not supposed to learn languages like HTML to create any website design. Also, Intuit comes with web creation services. The offering and features via this tool are very much similar to other providers, however, things like the live support and customer service coming from the Intuit team is more robust in nature. You could access a number of templates via Intuit. The services could be accessed by paying five dollars per month that allows for some unique kinds of URL. In case, if you want to access the e-commerce features, you need to pay extra for this, which is also an affordable deal.

Final word

The web designers are often loaded with lots of work, they are required to work smart and fast. Using a couple of web designing tools like the above five could help you in building good websites. All these tools are inexpensive and help you in designing good sites.

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Author: Rich Gorman

This was a guest post by Rich Gorman veteran in direct response marketing and advertising. Visit his site here.

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