Website designing tips for beginners

Some easy tips to make your website look just right.

Designing a website could be very confusing if you are a beginner and don’t know how to go about with it. There are numerous options and possibilities of setting up the design, however, it takes a lot of effort to customize it to suit your style. Here are some easy tips to make your website look just right:

  1. Simplicity is the key.

    Remember that the website is for the customers and therefore it should be easy for them to use. Do not lose the purpose of what the website should focus on by simply glorifying your company. If you lose a customer, you lose him permanently. So focus your energies on making the website user-friendly.

  2. Update your website regularly

    The prerequisite to a good website is that it should keep changing in terms of content and design. Update it on a regular basis and keep your customers informed of the latest products/developments and so on. A visitor will most likely return if your site is dynamic.

  3. Add content that is relevant

    When writing content for your website, do not assume that your customer would be interested in statistics, figures, company background etc. Make the content interesting and worth going through so that it appears impressive to the visitor and he/she recommends it to others. Make sure that your content is unique and interesting.

  4. Give your website a professional look

    At times, maintaining and designing a website ‘in-house’ can be quite a difficult job as employees are burdened with multiple responsibilities and cannot dedicate sufficient time to maintain the website. Try to rope in some professionals to do the job for you. You must remember that your website can generate a lot of business for you and you cannot afford to make it look unprofessional.

  5. Use quality fonts and graphics

    Never use shabby and childish looking clip art graphics in your website. It is essential that you insert quality fonts and photographs/graphics to make your website more attractive and interesting. Likewise, do not clutter your website with inappropriate fonts and font sizes – just keep it neat.

  6. Make sure your text does not have spelling/grammatical errors

    One usually finds typos and errors on websites at times. Try to reduce the occurrence of spelling mistakes by using the spell check function without fail.

  7. Make your website look different

    There are tens of thousands of websites on the Internet and some of them almost look identical. Do not use a template for designing your website, which will just make it look like one amongst the lot. Give it a unique element that will make it stand out.

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  1. Typography is key to give the correct message. I think one of the key tips to newbies is take note of the website objectives and then work the design around that, as a great website for topic A with one target audience is a rubish website for topic B with a different target audience.

    Nice post thanks.


  2. i m a begginer in web industry i probbly agree with your tips but tell me how can i decide color combinations in web ?

    ravi pal