Increase blog traffic with three Cs: Comments, Conversation, and Community

3 Cs – Comments, Conversation and Community – are to be taken into consideration while looking out for ways to increase the blog traffic.

Developers who hang onto their hats for building up successful and widely accepted blogs generally require mediums that could assist them in accomplishing their objectives. Although there are certain roundabout solutions that support the speedy acceleration of blog traffic, bloggers still need the ways that scale high in reliability and manageability. Not many people would realize but growing the audience of both new and loyal readers can significantly contribute towards the blog traffic generation. Here, we are providing bloggers with an insight into the essential three C’s for flowing the traffic to their blog or website with utmost ease.


    Whether you agree or differentiate in terms of thinking, but comments, are indeed the most important aspect of a blog. Ask your readers to inscribe their point of views, request their suggestions and opinions, and respond to them without any further delay. Besides focusing on increasing the traffic, ensure that your readers are feeling valued for their contribution and are important members of your blog. Quite often, bloggers tend to neglect the requisite of forming the relationship with their readers. That’s where the problem arises. Thus, it is very crucial to strengthen the relationship you share with them. You can also create a ‘blog comment policy’ so that your loyal readers are protected and their expectations are fulfilled.

  2. Conversation

    As comments are necessary for a blog to be successful, conversations on the blog are important too. Start conversations on the blog by penning down some really compelling, thought provoking blog posts – that invite readers to join in. However, you need to ascertain the content being posted is fresh and entertaining to the viewer. You can even research your audience and blog statistics in order to gain more information about your audience. This will enable you to seamlessly learn what your audience expects or wants from your blog. Subsequent to which, the blogger can contribute by writing good content that meets their needs.

  3. Community

    When comments and conversations begin gushing through your website or blog, a community will build up around it. Nevertheless, bloggers always need to ensure that their community is entertained and likes their topics – since it helps the audience derive value from the blog. Content that deviates from sensibility, new topics and novelty tend to disappoint and put off the audience at large. Thus, make sure not to bring forth too many tangent conversations which do not sustain their topic. Besides this, as a blogger, you also need to act as the conversation starter, moderator and motivator to create the most stable and strongest community on the web.

The above mentioned three prominent Cs – Comments, Conversation and Community; certainly need to be taken into consideration while looking out for ways to increase the blog traffic. Hopefully, by taking advantage of these tools and aspects, developers won’t only be enabled to develop a strong, loyal audience that appreciates, but also generate enough traffic. The components rightly concentrate on accomplishing imperative objectives for web bloggers.

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Author: Alia Haley

Alia Haley is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology, health and parenting. Beside this she is fond of perfumes and evening gowns. She has a huge collection of Inexpensive Cocktail Dresses. These days she is busy in writing articles on perfumes for women.

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  1. Hi Alia Haley,

    Nicely said, blog commenting is one of the best yet free method to increase traffic. It helps to build a community and benefits the blog with lifetime traffic.