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September 2011
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Web Designers Ask: When Will Dial-Up Internet Service Die Already? 01

Why Web Designers Still Need To Worry About Dial-up

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Heart and Humanity in Design 02

Today, the presence of over-the-edge communication technologies has shelved this old tradition; everyone prefers design brief discussion through phone, email, or social networking sites.

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Why Companies Adopt a Contract Management System 05

As the size of business increases, the need for ways to organize documents becomes essential. Not only do big Fortune 500 companies require additional administrative support, but small and medium-sized firms also do.

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Streamlining Social Functions: Google+ Changes the Paradigm 15

The Google circles alone could allow a user to do all of the things they do with Facebook and LinkedIn.

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Web Hosting Alternatives- What Does the Future Say about Them? 16

The future of web hosting lies in the cloud and grid options

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Mobile Device Landing Pages, the New Revolution in Web Advertising 19

For a while now, businesses have understood the benefits of Search Engine Optimisation as a part of a marketing strategy. Google has recently stated, that for this year (2011), 44% of last-minute gift searches this Christmas will come from Smart Phones.

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Twitter As Means Of Traffic: Effective? 20

With twitter, you are on your possession to becoming a victorious internet seller.

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Netflix splits and Creates Qwikster: Poor Decision? 22

Netflix is making drastic changes.

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Mind Your Twitter Rants, or Else Pay-up… 30

Twitter rants are now a subject of disciplinary action and financial penalties. Read on for more details.

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