How to Make a Visually Appealing Website?

Usability and design are critical to a new website design for conversions.

Succeeding online comprises of largely two aspects – a good marketing strategy and a functional and appealing landing page. The appearance, navigability and functionality of your website are what constitute good web design. Your landing page is the first point of contact between you and your potential customers. Hence, it has to be able to effectively communicate to the visitor about the kind of products you are dealing with and your brand in general. Only an easily navigable user friendly website can achieve this. Let us now examine the parameters required to construct a visually appealing website that is easily navigable.

Keep it light

Clean layouts are always easy on the eye and are easier to browse. It is advisable to avoid cluttering your web page and instead allow some amount of white space on your pages. This would not only enhance the look and appeal but also draw attention to the content displayed on your site.

Use universal fonts

Fonts are a major element to consider during the web design process. Fonts render differently on different computers. This is due to the fact that each computer has its own unique preset fonts that may or may not always be compatible with the ones displayed on your page. Hence to avoid this problem always use universal fonts.

Stretch layouts

Stretch layouts are basically layouts that are compatible with any screen resolution. The advantage of stretch layouts is that they provide your visitors with a visually appealing browsing experience. This would make them stay longer on your site and encourage them to continue browsing your pages.

Use templates

If you are having trouble selecting the right web design, feel free to use templates. Ace web design platforms such as Joomla have some very attractive and customizable templates which you can use to enrich the visual appeal of your website.

Find the right color scheme

The color scheme can make all the difference in your websites look and appeal. You could either use the colors of your company logo or select a couple of complementary colors for your site. Mix and match some good combinations such as yellow, red and white etc that would captivate your visitors.

Site map

This is a very important component in your overall web design and structure of your website. A site map is especially necessary when you have a lot of data or pages on your website. This would help visitors access the information about your business effectively and make your website appear well organized.

While constructing a visually appealing website you need to keep in mind the kind of demographic that you are targeting and what they would prefer to see when they visit your website. Customizing your website to suit your customer’s needs would go a long way in establishing a long lasting mutually beneficial business relationship.

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Author: Chris Burns

Chris Burns writes for website design 411, specializing in CMS design like Wordpress website design and Joomla website design.

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