Six Different Options for Your Data Center

Big businesses have a large need for data storage. Here are some options you have for your Data Center

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Big businesses have a large need for data storage. Whether you are in the health care industry, finance field or another business, it’s wise to use a datacenter for remote storage needs. The following are six data center options to choose from, depending on your company’s specific needs:

  1. Critical Facilities Management

    Critical Facilities Management datacenters combine three key necessities into one dynamic offering: documentation, management of systems and people power. Critical Facilities Management datacenters are streamlined and cost effective, as well as environmentally conscious.

  2. Turn-Key Datacenters

    Turn-Key Datacenters are easy and quick in terms of service, because they are pre-existing and allow you to move data right in. Benefits include dedicated power and mechanical backplanes, cooling, backup needed to make sure your information is secure and redundant and physical security for sensitive materials. Turn-Key Datacenters also have power increments that range from 1125kW-8100kW in the United States (as well as 720kW-2160kW in Europe) so that you have the power you need to run and access all data and telecommunications.
    Turn-Key Datacenters also feature carefully metered power, PowerVU management, monitoring software and LEED compliance for state-of-the-art technology.

  3. POD Architecture Services

    POD services are perfect for those who already own a facility with room for a data center, but lack the time, energy or resources to create a data center. PODs are easy to use, timesaving for your business and cost-effective. They also allow you to start using your data center immediately, because they take a minimal amount of time to construct.

  4. Build-to-Suit Datacenters

    If you have very specific needs for your datacenter, a build-to-suit option can be a great choice. This option allows you to create your own center without risky financial contingencies. Working with an experienced company to create your datacenter can ensure that it remains cost-effective, gets done to specifications and is delivered within a reasonable timeframe.

  5. Buy-to-Suit Datacenters

    If you have a very good idea of what you need for a datacenter, but you don’t have out of the ordinary needs when it comes to hosting and telecommunications, buy-to-suit options can be beneficial. Teaming up with a company that is experienced and specializes in datacenters can assist you in finding the best places and prices for obtaining your ideal datacenter.

  6. Powered Base Buildings

    A Powered Base Building is full of possibilities—it is a shell facility that firms can obtain in order to build up and operate the ideal datacenter with company-sourced personnel. From fiber access to power and planning permission, everything you need is in a Powered Base Building; simply add your own personnel and data and construct the data center however you’d like.

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