Unusual Way to Create Better Brand Identity

You’re on a busy, metropolitan street. A street vendor holds up a purse, watch, or electronic device that looks like the real thing. The price is unbelievably good. The street vendor tells you that a local department store got a surplus of this item, and that he bought them wholesale, and he’s passing the savings on to you. You buy the item, get it home, and find out that it is a fake.

This type of thing happens all the time. If you are the company behind the brand of one of those watches, purses, or electronic devices that is being forged and sold, using your brand name to make the sale, your brand is not only being counterfeited, it is also being devalued.

What can you do to prevent this from happening?

One way to prevent this depreciation of brand and the loss of money that can come from counterfeit items is to employ a product security device such as a holographic label. Whether you are the manufacturer, retailer, or distributor, a holographic label can verify the authenticity of the product, making sure the money goes where it should – to you – rather than to criminals who sell false products using your brand name.

Holographic labels are inexpensive, easy to use, and difficult to reproduce, meaning someone might be able to do a decent knock-off of one of your branded items, but they will be unable to reproduce the holographic label that tells the end-user that your product is authentic. This takes the power away from the counterfeiters, and puts it back into the hands of the company that is responsible for the branded item.

This has many benefits

One, it keeps people from buying the counterfeit goods, so that the money they would otherwise spend on the knock-off will go toward purchasing the real thing. This keeps the business coming to its rightful place, rather than to those illicit people. Another benefit is that it helps the manufacturer and distributor keep track of where their authentic goods are. If a load of brand-name purses ends up with a vendor who is not authorized to sell those goods, or one who did not pay for the goods, the holographic security label lets you know that some of your goods have been stolen, and you can reclaim them and sell them in their rightful place.

Benefiting Brand Recognition

Finally, the biggest benefit lies in brand recognition. If all of your brand name products are labelled with a holographic label in the store and it is known that that product is always labelled with that holographic image, people will be less likely to believe the lies told to them by counterfeiters. That holographic label says to the customer, “this product is the real thing” and they will not be fooled by false products bearing your brand name. That way, the product they experience is the product you are selling, and the perceived value to the customer becomes the actual value to the customer, because they are using your product, and they feel safe and secure in their purchase.

Article provided by Mavericklabel.com, providing hologram stickers and security labels to help your brand and keep your products safe.

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