Tips for Enhancing SEO Using Twitter

Enhancing Search Engine Optimization Using Twitter

With the millions of users posting information and news every day, Twitter presents great search engine optimization opportunity. Furthermore, Google is now indexing Twitter updates and profiles. There are several ways in which you can enhance your SEO using Twitter.

  1. Tweet new content

    Just issued a press release? Added a fresh blog post? It is wise to tweet it. How about a new section or page on your site? While new press releases and blog posts tend to appear in SERPs fast even without tweeting, conventional web content can take weeks or even months to show significant ranking results. Very new websites could take up to one year to build solid search rankings. Twitter is useful for getting new content ranked and indexed quickly. However, don’t just make tweets concerning your own content. Ask questions, share other interesting items, and tweet facts which will offer interest and value to your followers.

  2. Optimize your Twitter profile

    Yahoo, Google, Ask and Bing all rank Twitter profiles in search results. If you are interested in gaining followers on Twitter, you will want your page to be visible. The following are tips for optimizing your Twitter account page.

    • Choose a username which relates to your field of expertise. The username is part of your URL and page title tag.

    • Consider your account name. This could be different from the username.

    • Your Twitter bio will appear as your meta description tag, therefore optimize accordingly.

    • Build a link from your website to your Twitter profile. Promote your Twitter account as often as possible.

    • Follow people who are involved in your line of business. This will make your account seem relevant for the terms included in the account name, description and username.

    • Having many related followers can enhance your profile’s page rank. Work on building and maintaining a quality following.

  3. Optimize your tweets

    Optimizing your tweets can help you gain additional exposure for your content, your profile or your brand. Place your keywords very close to the front of the title tag. When retweeting, position the RT@username at the end section of the post. Make sure your tweet is no more than 120 characters so that people can retweet it without cutting out part of the original tweet. When posting, don’t forget to use the hashtag (#) symbol next to the subject your post relates to. However, avoid overusing the hashtag.

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