What Kind Of Blogs Do Women Love?

Understanding the dynamics of blogs means knowledge of its demographics and reading pattern. If your target audience is women, you must know what they like to read and which blogs they love.

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This may seem like a frivolous topic but it is not. Understanding the dynamics of blogs means knowledge of its demographics and reading pattern. If your target audience is women, you must know what they like to read and which blogs they love.

Love tops the list

Don’t ask me why but love seems to be the most important thing in a women’s life. Searching for love and reading about the love lives of celebrities seems to take up most of their time. If you want women to lock to your blog, you would do well to write about celebrity stories and their love lives. Who-got-hitched-to-whom and who-left-which-star is the most important part of a woman’s life. No woman knew golf star Tiger Woods and nobody cared about him till he was found in the hay with twenty women – and then all hell broke loose.

The conclusion – If you want a blog on women, forget golf and embrace gossip.

Relationship is a big magnet

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Other than showing interest in others affairs, women are deeply into relationships of their own. They laugh over their affairs, cry over their break-ups and are generally animated. Blogs which talk about relationships and such are a great hit with the women. Moreover, women like to read about what other women have to say about relationships. Whereas men want to know what a woman wants, women don’t care two hoots about what a man wants. Have you ever heard anyone saying, “What does a man want?” Relationship to a woman is at the center of their lives. If you want to target women, your blog must talk about relationships.

Astrology is a great attraction

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Once again Astrology is a great attraction for women. Love signs and compatibility charts are an evergreen topic. Not only are women interested in their love signs but also in others – movie stars , singers, neighbor, co-worker and even their boss. Knowing the future seems to hold them in a thrall. Daily, weekly, monthly and annual predictions are equally important. Women take warnings and suggestions seriously and abide by their Astrological advice. A blog addressing a female audience must have Astrology as an important section.

Movies and Songs

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Blogs on movies and songs are a great hit among the ladies. Blogs can discuss movies, characters, actors, movie stars and all other matters including the dresses worn by them. This topic can attract a humongous fan following.

What to avoid?

It is safe to say that most women have no interest in sports, unless a particular sportsman is engaged to a movie star. Women also hate reading about business subjects and it is best to avoid stocks and shares. Cars are also a big no-no.


If you want to create a blog for women, you must first research the subjects they would be interested in reading about. Love, relationships, Astrology, movies and songs are perennial favorites. Food blogs also seem to work well with the women audience. It is best to avoid talking about business and finances if you are addressing a female audience.

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Author: Aishwarya Vohra

This article has been contributed by Aishwarya Vohra. She works for Offshore Ally, which is the leading provider of dedicated virtual assistants and link builders online. Aishwarya loves blogging and enjoys painting. Connect with him via Twitter.

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  1. I have to stop myself from saying duhhh. Market research is so imortant and knowing your customers needs makes selling or marketing so much easier. I find new clients nearly always ask me for a domain name to match their business name and no matter how much I try to convince them to use a domain name that describes their product or industry ego wins and they wonder why nobody visits their website.


  2. I like the conclusion part.This is really good knowledge is shared Aishwarya.This help to those blogger which want women audience.

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  3. But its not for all women. Coz there are women entrepreneurs now, who would prefer reading about business, politics, economy and so on.
    Love, movie stars topics would be the one’s who are not working, or got more time to read then work. What say?

    Kelvin Castelino

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