WordPress 2.8: Disable automatic feed links

Automatic feed links is a new feature in WordPress 2.8 which automatically generate the relevant feed links for pages. But this site already uses a custom function to do this. Besides, instead of WordPress’s default feed URI structure, a separate sub domain (feed.webmasterview.com) is used for feeds. So this feature is disabled here by just adding the following code to the theme’s function.php file.


Or get RSS feed

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  1. Great news from Matt Cutts, tells how URL shortening services can forward google page rank when they implement a 301 redirect. And so web sites similar to bit.ly and goo.gl are very good to use – excellent stuff!

    Shelia Hards

  2. I didn’t know that this function could take a parameter.

    When you type this :

    It only disable post & comments feeds on the home page, but not individual post feed !


  3. Nice tip, I was wondering how to disable it.


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