Check your Written Work for Plagiarism

Check your written content before you publish it! Make sure that your content is not stolen and you don't have any duplicate content.

If you are working on a paper or assignment related to any niche for that matter, it is important that you go through with it with a reputed and reliable plagiarism checker tool that can help you check any traces of duplication in content and can also simply help you in removing Plagiarism because frankly speaking if your content is found to be even 1% plagiarized then you can get into serious consequences and penalties! For those of you who have misconceptions about Plagiarism and what it is you guys should surely read this three-minute article till the very end.

We want you guys to know that Plagiarism today is not only the act of copying someone’s work and using it as your own, but today it covers a broader meaning and a meaning that will teach you how important it is for you to check your content for Plagiarism. We want you guys to know that you are not always prey to deliberate Plagiarism and you are not always accused of Plagiarism that you have done verbatim but today if your content accidentally matches a portion of your own content or content of any other person then you will still pay the same severe consequences, and for this very reason we want you guys to check your written content before you publish it!


If you want to know about the best tool in the league of hundreds of free and paid tools, then you should definitely read about the details of this plagiarism checker! This plagiarism tool by the is one of the finest tools available on the web these days, and this is because it is super-easy to use and not only easy but has versatility in its existence as it can check content from almost every niche or written content. Usually, you will notice that plagiarism tools are focused on checking academic work, and that is why most plagiarism tools are known to be institutional tools, you can take the example of Turnitin and Grammarly!

Now here are some points that will teach you how to use this tool in the best possible way, the reason we are jotting down these points is that writers and students usually get confused with the working of these tools, but we would assure you that after reading these points you will know how to use this tool like a master!

  1. Search for this tool on your browser, and you can also use this link to get directed towards the tool with just one button. Now you should know that this tool is also a free plus paid tool and you have to register yourself for pro services of the tool but for now let us just stick to the free services!

  2. In the tool, you have to input text that needs to be checked for duplication in the text box that you will see when you open up the tool!

  3. You can either copy the content in your board and paste it in the box, or you can also simply type it down if you have the time to do it. you can also upload content by using the upload icons in the tool

  4. After adding the content, you have to press the CHECK PLAGIARISM button, and the tool will check the content within less than 2 seconds.

Features of the

The tool has some of the best features that you should know about in detail!

There are many more features of the tool that you would know about once you start using the tool!

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