Monday, June 24th, 2019

Copywriting Tactics that Can Harm Your Blog Positions

What’s the point of copywriting?

It’s an entire strategy that involves publishing content that’s relevant to the needs of your audience. You develop a calendar and focus on releasing new pieces of content on a regular basis. Why are you doing this? The first and most important reason is to deliver value to your audience. But something else drives you in that direction: the wish to get more traffic to your website, which is a foundational requirement for boosting conversions.

The position your blog gets in Google search results determines the level of traffic you get. Are you doing enough to get ranked on a good position? In some cases, website owners do too little or too much. As a result, their copywriting tactics harm the position instead of improving it.

Let’s discuss that matter, shall we?

We’ll list common copywriting tactics that you should avoid, since they do more damage than good.