3 Reasons Your Online Marketing Strategy Must Include Videos

Having videos on your website often turns into sales results.

Every company should have an online marketing strategy that includes a variety of methods for generating new sales leads, improving public perception of the company and retaining current customers. There are a number of ways to accomplish these goals, such as maintaining a company blog, quality website and social media presence. One tool companies should never forget is online videos.

Quite a few businesses do not even seem to think about using videos as part of their online marketing activities. Perhaps these companies do not see the value in online videos, lack experience in producing them or lack the resources to effectively use videos on their website. If you fall in to the last category, you can increase your website’s ability to handle videos by switching to a quality web hosting surface. For information on quality virtual hosting, see virtualhosting.com.

Using videos on your website or blog can add a real personal touch to your marketing strategy. While it’s great to have a slick website with superior design, impeccable and interesting copy and quick load times, none of those things make your company as relatable as a video featuring a high-ranking official in the business. Anyone who is in the videos needs to be relaxed, professional and have a personality that comes through in the video. One of the worst things you can have is an employee stare straight into the camera and talk in monotone. It is best if you put someone who is comfortable in front of the camera in your videos, since that person will likely come across as relatable and will strengthen customer relationships.

Videos also present a different way to spread your marketing message. Your videos can be embedded on your company’s website or blog, just like your copy. But unlike your copy those videos can also be shared on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even Google+. This means your marketing message has the ability to reach a larger audience, possibly influencing even more potential customers to check out your business. A well-produced video can easily go viral on social media websites, quickly spreading your message without costing your company extra money. Videos that are funny, feature a catchy song or that make a powerful statement are most likely to spread quickly from web user to web user.

Having videos on your website often turns into sales results. People love to watch videos, especially if they are more visual learners. Oftentimes potential customers might be a little timid about buying a product online since they cannot try it out. By showing off how the product works in a video you can help relieve many of those common concerns. Web users also often spend more time watching videos than they do reading web copy, and the longer customers spend on your website the more likely they are to buy. Not only that, but calls to action included in a video are often heeded more than calls made in writing, leading to increased conversion rates and repeat business in the future.

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Author: Gavin Carter

Gavin Carter is a video editor. He loves writing about the benefits of video on small business blogs.

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