Five Tips For Choosing A Tagline For Your Medical Office

Choosing a tagline for a business is am important branding decision- don't make a mistake that could ruin your customer's faith in your business.

You recognize famous brands immediately: Just Do It, Have It Your Way, Every Kiss Begins With K- anyone who’s been around the past decade knows just from those words that Nike, Burger King, and Kay Jewelers have developed these instantly recognizable taglines. Having a tagline that stands out and registers with your audience is just as important as having a smart logo and decent design. Taglines help you distinguish your brand from competitors and gives consumers a glimpse of who you are before they even step through the door. They can make the difference between and interested potential customers and lost cause. For medical businesses, taglines help your customers instantly recognize you as trustworthy, dependable and safe. It’s important to make sure your taglines are smart and witty but also caring. Follow our advice for the best ways to come up with a tagline for your medical office.

Brainstorm (Get Creative!)

The first step in coming up with an effective tagline is brainstorming. Get everyone who’s involved in the business together for a serious session of “what makes sense”. Don’t be afraid to get really out of the box- even if the idea sounds completely outrageous, it might lead you to something that does fit. Think big, then bring it down to where it needs to be to make sense. Keep your audience in mind; don’t just come up with what’s funny, personable or interesting for you, but really put yourself in your customers shoes- what’s important to them, what are they looking for, and how do you provide a service for them? Once you have some options down, it’s time to make sure they fit the bill.

Test it Out

Whether it’s on your co-workers, mom, best friends, or a random sampling of your target market, try your new tagline out on people and ask for feedback. Ask if it makes sense, if you’re trying to be clever or humorous make sure they get it right off the bat, see if it instills any sense of comfort and trust in them. It’s important to get feedback from people you don’t know; if possible, run a focus group.

Keep it Simple and Modest

Don’t try to be overly clever. You have to make sure even the dullest of your customers will understand your message. That being said, it should still reach a standard of quality and class you hold your business to. It’s also important to keep it modest. Don’t brag or overreach. While keeping it simple, don’t keep it generic- you’re going to need to stand out from the crowd. The best advice is to keep the message clear, not clever.

Capture Your Business’s Essence

Keep in mind your company’s motto, logo, goals and essence. You don’t want a humorous, playful tagline if your business if very serious and calm. A tagline is another way to brand your company, and branding needs to be fluid all around.

Keep it Consistent

Once you’ve made a final decision on your company’s tagline, keep it! Whether one person doesn’t like it eventually or maybe you get tired of it, changing it up will only damage your company. There’s exceptions to this, especially if your tagline serious offends parts of your target market or something along those lines, but for the most part it’s solid advice to stick to what you’ve branded your business with.

Trying to come up with a tagline for a medical office is a very delicate process- it requires a lot of time and effort, but with the right tools and tips it’ll come to you easier than you think.

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Author: Dr. Mina Tadros

Dr. Mina Tadros runs Tadros Dental, a general, cosmetic and restorative dental office in Houston, Texas.

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