Locating The Best Domain Broker For Your Portfolio

Tips for identifying the most qualified domain broker to handle you portfolio.

The days of searching for domain name broker and general domain entrepreneurs that sellers can rely on has shifted tremendously over the years, especially with new trends in advertising replacing the ‘grass roots’ methods of several decades ago, such as billboards. With the information superhighway and prevalence of social media taking control of consumers’ decision making processes, where does one find that trusted individual to handle .COM purchases or other major domain sales or buys?

That question depends on what you specifically need; below are common localities where only great domain broker pros’ portfolio holders and aggressive professionals can be found.


Professional Networks

Many micro-sized professional networks that are industry specific exist that can help you find the professional domain broker sellers seek out for investment-related domain handling. You could deploy LinkedIn or even Angie’s List to see if financial advisor professionals exist in your area; you could target searches on Facebook to gather groups of financial professionals in your domain niche as well.

The professional networks are out there to be found; it’s simply a matter of finding the ones in your state and contacting them to set up interviews in person or via telephone or, if solely internet-based ones are being sought, the ones that can best handle premium names or large portfolios.

Informational Websites

A website such as this and several others can assist you to locate a domain name broker that domaining professionals pursue for assistance in buys or large purchases. Granted, not all websites you’ll encounter are expedient for you, yet websites such as this may benefit you to learn more about some local domain brokerages that are doing business within your area of interest or even allow you to see common consumer reviews of ones that have successfully moved names.

Data Searching

Consumers can run searches on Dun & Bradstreet or Hoovers to find lists of geo-targeted professionals within their needed niche; for example, you could easily find a domain name broker sellers use frequently that you’ve never heard of simply by extracting data from large websites such as those above. You could even search the BBB to find out complaints, ratings and addresses of domain brokerages within a given area, too. Yelp has been an enormous help for reviews on brokerages.

Remember, data scraping doesn’t always work positively as many times you’ll end up with outdated emails, ex-employees or businesses that didn’t survive the market thrashings over the years. Therefore, stick with well-defined data companies if using the data research method of finding a domain broker.


Professional domain brokerages are located around the world to assist consumers in making sound domain sales decisions and teach them how to purchase wisely instead of overselling or spending. If and when you are prepared to find a domain name broker residents need to make these frugal economic decisions, you could begin your search right here and, if not satisfied, can take this search to Google or your favorite social media channel to come up with several doing business in your area.

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Author: Roger Klawinski

Roger Klawinski is a freelance writer and experienced domainer from Indiana. He recommends Afternic's professional brokers for handling the sale of your domains. You can follow him on Google+.

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