Online Social Games – A New Era?

Online gaming has become a huge industry recently because people now prefer playing games online instead of buying the game CD and installing the games on their machines.

Online gaming has become a huge industry recently because people now prefer playing games online instead of buying the game CD and installing the games on their machines. Initially there were quite a good number of online gaming websites that offer 1000s of online games for gaming lovers. But recently we have been witnessing a new trend thanks to Facebook Application Development. A lot of games have been developed for Facebook platforms and people are able to play the games from within their Facebook accounts. Some other social networking sites also offer similar options to play games on their platforms but Facebook is by far the most popular platform for this purpose.

These games are a great way to kill the boredom and can be your ultimate choice to go for when you have nothing else to do. You can find all sorts of game types in online social games, such as, Adventure Games, Puzzle Games, Arcade Games, Board Game, etc. The biggest advantage is that you can socialize with your friends at the same time, while playing these games that makes such gaming a whole lot more fun and entertaining.

Facebook has more than 1000s of games in their platform and users are able to play them free of cost while sitting in front of their PC. Role playing and puzzle games are the most popular category of games being played on Facebook as of now. One of the most famous games on Facebook during 2012-13 has been Farmville. It has millions of players playing it every day for many hours. Similarly poker games are very popular on Facebook and gaming lovers seem to get addicted to these games because of their nature and social interaction with their friends.

In Farmville, you can build a farm and add neighbors. The whole concept of the game is very interesting and engaging and hence it is considered as one of the best games out there. You can ask your Facebook friends to come and meet you, which eventually get you some experience points.

The nature of these games is very viral, since all of your friends get to know about what game you are playing. This makes some of your friends interested in trying out the game as well. You can help them start the game and get it going while keeping chatting with them on Facebook Chat. Since most of the teens don’t have the credit card or money to buy games online, they absolutely love it when they can play such amazing games without having to pay a single penny from within their Facebook account.

In case you haven’t played a social game online, you may feel hesitant at the start, but once you get hold of things in the game, you will completely love the game and may become addicted to it. You may ask for help from any of your Facebook friends who are already playing the games. Since these games are absolutely free, you don’t have to worry about entering your credit card details. Some game does offer paid versions with better features and options but the free ones are good enough to enjoy your time on social media sites.

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