Top 7 great reasons why Google banned websites

If you find your site getting banned or penalized by Google, better check the reasons.

Whenever your site is banned by Google, you will never get any clear caution or reason for penalizing your website from the search engine. You could simply find this when your sales or traffic drastically dropping down. You could be left with small amount of visitors over your website. A majority of SEO consultants and webmasters remain clueless for the penalization. They simply fail to sort out the issues. However, there are many reasons, why the websites are banned by the giant search engine. In order to find out the exact reason, you are supposed to explore your site and number of things you do for your site marketing and promotion. A competent SEO consultant could be able to figure out the exact reason. However, the following are few of the top seven great reasons why Google usually bans any site. Let’s look at these:

  1. Duplicate content

    Among the gross violations, having a duplicate content over your site or blog could be called the biggest reasons why Google bans any site. As per the recent updates from Google, the search engine has laid down very stringent rules against the sites carrying duplicate content. Even though if you happen to be the original writer of this content, Google will certainly going to penalize the copied or duplicate content. Hence it is vital to use any content just for one time. Once you prepare any content, make sure you cross check it for plagiarism issue using proper tool. Squeezing content from any site or blog and putting it over your site is also called as an intellectual theft which governs under copyright infringement act.

  2. Keyword stuffing or spamming

    Keyword spamming or stuffing is actually excessive amount of key phrase or keywords use. This applies both for the content, codes, Meta tags, invisible text, comment tags, title tags and alt tags. Google on finding such site using keyword stuffing often bans the sites or simply reduces the search engine rankings. If your keywords are often repeated crossing the limits, you are likely to be penalized by Google. There is a thumb rule, which you need to follow while using the keywords. It says to maintain the keyword density between 1 to 5 percent on any webpage. The best way to use keywords is ask your writers to use them naturally rather than stuffing them artificially.

  3. Cloaking

    Another reason, why your site could be banned is due to the issue of cloaking. Cloaking is all about displaying different kind of content to the search engine spider against the real website. Any web page, which employs the idea of cloaking is often jammed with so many key phrases and keywords, which the webmasters are looking ahead to rank. So cloaking could be called as a deception carried out by webmasters or SEO experts, which often is caught by Google, and thus it end up penalizing these sites.

  4. The hidden text and links

    Texts could be hidden in several ways. Any text of link, which is hidden are the ones, which may not be visible to any visitor coming over the sites, however, these could be easily seen and picked up by the search engine spiders. The common ways of using it is through the cascading style sheets and using the white text over some white background web pages, where finding any text or link is simply impossible by the visitors. However, Google has become more powerful and smart place to nab the sites trying these sneaky ideas followed by banning them.

  5. Linking to some substandard sites

    Link building is among the vital strategies in search engine optimization domain; however, while doing so, it is imperative to carry out this task in a right way. Linking to any bad or substandard sites is the best way to get penalized by Google. The bad sites include the websites using a couple of black hat methods to boost the search engine rankings. It is always vital to keep an eye over your site’s outbound links and get rid of the offenders, whenever you find them linking to you.

  6. Code swapping

    The site owners or SEO consultants usually work hard to have a web page, which would carry high search engine results pages. The moment they are able to get the top rankings, they simply swap the other page over its place. This is all about code swapping, which is considered as a violation thing in the perspective of Google, and hence deserves the ban.

  7. Doorway Pages

    The doorway pages are the web pages, which attract search engine spiders to crawl inside it, which is carried out simply to achieve higher search engine rankings for the chosen keywords. The real visitors coming over these pages are then directed to the real site, this is only called as doorway page, which is an unacceptable act in the eyes of Google. Hence Google has all valid reasons to ban these sites.

Final word

Before you try any sneaky method to rank your site at the top over Google, it is always better to cross check these ideas to avoid your site getting banned by the search engine. However, if you find your site getting banned or penalized by Google, better check the above reasons.

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