Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Increase blog traffic with three Cs: Comments, Conversation, and Community

Developers who hang onto their hats for building up successful and widely accepted blogs generally require mediums that could assist them in accomplishing their objectives. Although there are certain roundabout solutions that support the speedy acceleration of blog traffic, bloggers still need the ways that scale high in reliability and manageability. Not many people would realize but growing the audience of both new and loyal readers can significantly contribute towards the blog traffic generation. Here, we are providing bloggers with an insight into the essential three C’s for flowing the traffic to their blog or website with utmost ease.

6 Open Source Apps Your Web Host Should Offer

One of the most attractive features a web hosting company can offer is a script installation tool that allows users to install open source web applications with a few clicks. In doing so, web hosts can easily offer ready-made websites to customers without incurring a big expense or requiring the user to do extra work.