Is Your Website User-friendly?

User friendly sites and their importance

Just because you like the way that your website looks does not mean that it’s doing you any favors. Appearance is not always everything. If your site isn’t user-friendly for your readers or doesn’t offer a call to action, there is no point even paying the money you’re wasting for hosting.

In today’s society, most people don’t go a day without getting on the internet and many even say that they would rather go without phone service than internet service. This just tells you how important your website can really be to the success of your company.

People use the internet for more than just checking their emails and doing a little shopping nowadays. Most are more likely to get on the computer to look up a phone number to order pizza than they are to call information or look it up in the phone book (yes, phone books are still being made).

If your website has a properly structured interface, it can be a quality tool for you. It should augment traffic and keep readers on your page longer. If your bounce rate is high, you need to evaluate what’s chasing viewers away.

Qualities You Should Have

So what makes a great user interface? Aside from grabbing the attention of your targeted audience, there’s a few other qualities you should be looking for when you evaluate your site.

Whether you’re developing the website yourself or paying someone else to do it for you, it needs to be well-optimized and search-engine friendly. Make use of your meta tags and check that your site map hasn’t been blacklisted for any reason from time to time. If search engines can’t find you or don’t like your content, the most attractive site in the world isn’t going to get you anywhere because browsers won’t be offered your website address when they’re searching for information.

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Author: Neil

This is a guest post from Neil at eMobileScan. Who are a Web based store operating throughout Europe and supply handheld computers like the MC65 and barcode scanners like the Symbol Ls2208 to some of Europe's leading retailers.

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